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EMP Bomb Threat Scenario. Time 5:46

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. Such a pulse's origination may be a natural occurrence or man-made and can occur as a radiated, electric or magnetic field or a conducted electric current, depending on the source. The term "electromagnetic pulse" is commonly abbreviated EMP.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive burst of gas and magnetic field arising from the solar corona and being released into the solar wind, as observed in a coronagraph.

I have known about EMPs for a long time and for even longer I have known about CMEs from the sun which can cause even greater damage modern nations. These video glimpses into what to expect talk about the largest migration in the history of the world, untold starvation and disease bringing about the death of over half of the American population.

There will not be other countries coming to our rescue but some will come to take a spoil. Where will you go? What will you do?

I have not been preaching a gospel of fear but one of love and caring. But if we care we need to prepare, not to save ourselves but to save others. To do that we need people who really care about others as much as themselves and will serve righteousness even unto death. That was the Character of Christ. That is where we need to go.

The people need to start organizing themselves in Networks of trust and caring. Preparing themselves to become a natural Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary. There are a list of things you can start doing to form a Network of CORE groups.

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Fmr. CIA Dir. Jim Woolsey warns of existential EMP threat to America

Published on Jul 31, 2013 Washington, D.C.: On July 29th, President Bill Clinton's former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey, led a panel discussion on the growing -- and perhaps imminent -- threat of a natural or nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to the U.S. electric grid and other critical infrastructures that sustain modern civilization and the lives of millions of Americans. The event was sponsored by the newly established EMP Coalition, of which Mr. Woolsey is the Honorary Co-Chair along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Other participants were Ambassador Henry Cooper and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry. Ambassador Cooper led strategic arms control negotiations with the USSR under President Reagan and served as the Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization under President George H.W. Bush. His is currently the Chairman of High Frontier, an organization dedicated to protecting the United States from nuclear attack. Dr. Pry served on the Congressional EMP Threat Commission, as a professional staff member on the House Armed Services Committee and as an analyst in the CIA. He is now the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a congressional advisory board dedicated to national resiliency in the face of EMP and other threats.Time 1:14:37

Uploaded on Aug 5, 2009

If you are interested in Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), please go to www.EMPACTamerica.org right now, and seriously consider attending EMPACT Americas upcoming EMP conference Protecting America Against Permanent Continental Shutdown From Electromagnetic Pulse, on September 8th-10th, 2009, in Niagara Falls, NY, bringing in the most knowledgeable minds in the world about EMP. Scheduled speakers include U.S. Congressional leaders, Department of Defense experts, and many other true experts on EMP. Exclusive video address by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.

Visit our website: (www.empactamerica.org) Register For the Conference (http://www.computersosinc.com/ems/eve...) Prominent speakers continue to be added. Visit our website at www.empactamerica.org. You can also participate or follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, and/or MySpace. [Search Keywords: EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, EMPACT America, Roscoe Bartlett, Newt Gingrich, conference, Niagara Falls, New York, September 8th - 10th, 2009 ( 9-8-09, 9-9-09, and 9-10-09 ), national defense, nuclear attack, EMP hardening,] Time 2:29

Warning Electric Grid, Solar Flare CME, EMP,. Time 9:31 minutes

Description___NatGeo - Electronic Armageddon Published on Aug 7, 2013 ___Time 50 mi

Learn How To Prepare Published on Jun 4, 2012 This video explains the steps one should take to prepare for the potential of an emp attack. A great beginner's guide for what you can do. Time 3:31

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