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0319 אַחֲרִית‎ AlefHeyReishYodTav ‘achariyth [akh-ar-eeth’] from 0310 behind, after Which also is from the root 0309 delay with the same letters AlefChetReish; n f; [BDB-31a] [{See TWOT on 68 @@ "68f" }] AV-end 31, latter 12, last 7, posterity 3, reward 2, hindermost 1, misc. 5; 61

1) after part, end
1a) end, issue, event
1b) latter time (prophetic for future time)
1c) posterity
1d) last, hindermost
  • א Alef Father-Son- begin- The Paradox: God and Man - (ox bull)[strength, leader, first] 1
  • ה Hey Expression--Thought, Speech, Action. Manifest seeds of thought and life. [Emphasize, jubilation, window, fence] 5
  • ר Reish Process of Clarification The "head" or "beginning". Life's revelation. [Head... Person head highest] 200
  • י Yod The Infinite Point of essential good hidden in the ט Tet . [closed hand... Deed work to make] 10
  • ת Tav is a Seal of a Higher kingdom or realm. The malchut to the keter (crown) through faith. It links the unseen worlds like a doorway of faith. [sign cross... seal] 400