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0310 אַחַר‎ AlefChetReish ‘achar [akh-ar’] from 0309 delay; adv/prep/conj/subst; [BDB-29b, BDB-30b] [{See TWOT on 68 @@ "68b" }] [{See TWOT on 68 @@ "68c" }] AV-after 454, follow 78, afterward(s) 46, behind 44, misc 87; 709

1) after the following part, behind (of place), hinder, afterwards (of time)
1a) as an adverb
1a1) behind (of place)
1a2) afterwards (of time)
1b) as a preposition
1b1) behind, after (of place)
1b2) after (of time)
1b3) besides
1c) as a conjunction
1c1) after that
1d) as a substantive
1d1) hinder part
1e) with other prepositions
1e1) from behind
1e2) from following after