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Martha has volunteered to serve as a PCM for Mississippi but does not yet have the two required votes. Your vote may enable him to better serve.

Martha Coffee

I hang wallpaper and do painting along side my partner and best friend, Lonnie, who does any phase of carpentry.

I was raised Southern Baptist and I have several close relatives who are deacons in that denomination. When I was 10 years old, my mom died from cobalt treatments given to her as mainstream medicine's approach to cancer. I was very close to mom and the ordeal has caused me to question conventional approaches in medicine as well as many things taken for granted in mainstream society. HHC has been a conduit to a more comprehensive understanding of the interaction of religion, government, spiritually, and on and on. It feels to me like a more holistic approach than anything else I've ever experienced.

I am an hour south Memphis. I am volunteering to be a personal contact minister in case there are brothers and sisters in this area who are also attracted to HHC concepts.

I can be reached by calling 228-217-7six25. Email: marthacoffee at gmail døt com