Jim Seib

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Jim Seib
Arcadia, Florida
Jim is a Personal Contact Minister in Florida

Contact info:

  • email: tyranyresponder ãt gmail døt com
  • Phone: 66Ø-635-Ø412

I am a father and husband currently living in southern Florida. I, along with my wife and three children, currently live about an hour due east of Port Charlotte, Fl. I currently hold a carpentry occupation and I enjoy the craft.

I was first introduced to the writings and material presented by HHC a few years back. At that point I would have been best described as a conservative/libertarian with heavy "religious" teachings in my life. Having been raised a Mennonite for a great part of my life, I was very firmly set on my understandings of the Bible and how it was presented to me. Much to my surprise I viewed life in a much more clouded scope than I had thought and my beliefs were headed for a swift and utter change in my relations to my fellow man and the plan that I feel God has laid out for His people.

My current goal in life is one of voluntarism and the desire to learn how to better serve my family and others in a way that is in line with Christ's teachings.

I am still learning, as I hope I will continue to do for the rest of my life, and I encourage you to join me and many others in this Living Network as we strive to fulfill our duty to God and our fellow man through Faith, Hope and Charity.

Please feel free to contact me if you are seeking to meet up in southern Florida or would simply like to talk on the phone.