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Cain was a ruler who forced
Someone on the Network in Port Elizabeth, South Africa shared with us his personal dilemma when his driver's license expired and he discovered that his ID papers were also incomplete. Suddenly he could not function in the world because he could no longer prove he was a part of the world.

We have all heard of the nightmare stories where people are suddenly incapacitated because of some electronic or technical ID problem, often through no fault of their own.

Paul McGuire talks about the Mark of the Beast which he sees as an electronic micro or bio chip or tattoo. He also talks about the movement toward a cashless society from Sweden to the United States. McGuire writes about The Coming Cashless Society: Big Brother & The Mark of the Beast.

The truth is according to the original definition of the word "cash" we already live in a cashless society and have for decades.

John Law was born into a family of bankers and goldsmiths from Fife and baptized on the 21 April 1671. By the early 1700's he urged the establishment of a national bank to create and increase "instruments of credit and the issue of banknotes" backed by land, gold, or silver. Over the following two centuries there were numerous banks that failed and their notes became worthless. These notes were eventually called "legal tender" and were considered of value as long as they were redeemable in "lawful money" such as gold and silver coin which was considered cash. Cash in the mid 1800's was still defined as gold, silver or even copper coin. All bank notes were rejected as not being cash in any establishment who had a cash-only policy. Somewhere in our history the definition of the word "cash" was gradually redefined to include "notes".

Many talk about the Mark of the Beast being a part of a one-world political, economic and religious system that is coming and they see these news items as foreshadowing the coming fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation. If the changing of the meaning of the word cash to include notes can fool us into thinking that we do not already live in a cashless society then how much more can we be fooled by changing the meaning of words like “religion”.

Religion used to mean the performance of your duty to God and your fellow man but now it is just whatever you think about a supreme being. There are two ways to practice and perform our duty to our fellow man.

We can fulfill that duty to our fellow man by charity or we can do it by force. John the Baptist and Christ said to use charity and not be like the governments of the gentiles who used force. James went so far as to explain that the practice of pure religion did not depend on anything spotted by the “world”. That "world" he spoke of was the constitutional order of Rome or any government like Rome where the leaders call themselves benefactors but only provide those benefits by taking from our neighbor through their exercising authority.

The religious system or Corban of Christ which takes care of the welfare of the people is entirely dependent upon freewill offerings by the people for the people, while the religion of the “world” elects men who call themselves benefactors but force the contributions of society by exercising authority one over the other. Both are forms of religion. One sets you free and make you a great nation while the other may promise you liberty but brings you into bondage.[1]

If you have followed the links to words like “world”, “benefactors” and “Religion” you may begin to understand that the “world Religion” that people fear is already here. It is the vast welfare systems of all those constitutional governments of the world that provide for the needs of the people through a system of forced contributions.

Who are the "gods" of that one-world religion who define the duties required?

To answer that question you need to know who are the gods many Paul speaks about. But do not stop there. Keep seeking the truth. Find out what Public religion was and why there was a Christian conflict with Rome.

Forced compliance of state law in order to functionally exist is the result of the acceptance by the people that forcing the contributions of their neighbor is morally okay. The “benefactors” who exercise authority, the gods many of the “world” and the “fathers of the earth” are all part of the same covetous practices that make people Merchandise. The truth is when you pray to the state for its grace and benefits you become a part of its Public religion. Since they take from your neighbor to provide those benefits you applied for you are guilty of biting one another.

Most people already have the Mark of the Beast. What you are seeing is the Beast just tightening its grip. If you read our detailed study of the Mark of the Beast you will see that you are not condemned because you have the mark but you will be “tested”.

What you will need to pass the test is Repentance.

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  1. 2 Peter 2:1 “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.”