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Join the new HHC Amateur Radio Network

You are invited...

We have started to set up a world-wide amateur radio network to help HHC with the FEMA preparedness efforts and establish alternate means of communication.

We have a team of experts and amateurs who are willing to help train and assist anyone interested in becoming a part of our Amateur Radio Network.

Whether you want to be a part of the HF net holding a General class or higher license, or a Technician licenses usable for local communication and coordination we have people that will help you.

We are presently looking for at least one General licensed operator in each congregation.

Our long term goal will be to fill in that net of communication with others who are already amateur radio operators. As we build our own network we will find many others who will help us expand the needed coverage.

By building working relationships with existing amateur radio operators we will expand our own effectiveness and find others of like spirit..

Volunteer now!

Contact your local congregation groups on the Living Network if you are interested in learning and doing more.

Amateur Radio Network
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