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71 ~ἄγω~ ago \@ag’-o\@ a primary word; ; v AV-bring 45, lead 12, go 7, bring forth 2, misc 5, vr bring 1; 72

1) to lead, take with one
1a) to lead by laying hold of, and this way to bring to the point of destination: of an animal
1b) to lead by accompanying to (into) a place
1c) to lead with one’s self, attach to one’s self as an attendant
1d) to conduct, bring
1e) to lead away, to a court of justice, magistrate, etc.
2) to lead,
2a) to lead, guide, direct
2b) to lead through, conduct to: to something
2c) to move, impel: of forces and influences on the mind
3) to pass a day, keep or celebrate a feast, etc.
4) to go, depart