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1. Flojak - "Emergency" hand well pump kits

2. I met a man on 09/27/15 claiming to have dug his well by "hand." When asked for how he did so, and where he got his information. He explained briefly, and it seemed worth pursuing, so I asked him to send me the links he had. The below links are what he sent.

A. A summary of all EMAS technologies
B. EMAS YouTube page
C. Another WIKI format site dealing with water issues

(EMAS is a Mobile School for Water and Sanitation based in Bolivia, and run by Wolfgang Eloy Buchner. EMAS is also a whole technical and social concept of water and sanitation which includes manual drilling, rain water harvesting, solar water heaters, wind power, hydraulic rams, water treatment, small tanks and sinks, a variety of hand and foot pumps, and ferrocement water storage tanks.)

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