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07626 שֵׁבֶט‎ shebet [shay’-bet] from an unused root probably meaning to branch off ShinBeitTet; n m; [BDB-986b] [{See TWOT on 2314 @@ "2314a" }] AV-tribe 140, rod 34, sceptre 10, staff 2, misc 4; 190 appearances often including at least 4 different additional letters in as many as 30 different variations.

1) rod, staff, branch, offshoot, club, sceptre, tribe
1a) rod, staff
1b) shaft (of spear, dart)
1c) club (of shepherd’s implement)
1d) truncheon, sceptre (mark of authority)
1e) clan, tribe
ש Shin Eternal Flame of Revelation, bound to the coal of righteousness, the Divine Essence. [sun... teeth... consume destroy] 300
ב Beit Purpose: God Dwelling Place Below - from house or God's house here[household, in, into] 2
ט Tet Introversion - The Concealed power of good or paradoxically evil [to twist a snake... wheel To surround (gestation)] 9