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Add possible shows to this list:

Tom Woods show

Jeff Berwick on Anarchast

FreedomFeens 24-hour Radio

  • Have not yet found contact page

Ben Stone on Bad Quaker

  • No apparent contact page. Have not yet found a way to comment on the blog.

Witts - The Show

  • This may be a possible guest appearance site.

Graham Hancock

  • Caleb made long comment on this facebook post by Graham. Graham's facebook page has 225k likes. He may have a podcast suitable for Gregory as guest.

Requesting Appearances

How to Find Radio Guests, Talk Show and Podcast Interview Guest Experts - Free!

How to Get Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews – How to Get Booked on Radio Talk Shows

The Network is a team. It needs to work as a team. To enrich the Network we must seek the lost sheep and one way to do that is being a guest on Other Broadcasts. That means we must work together to find others because we care about others as much as ourselves.

Some ideas and considerations when contacting and writing radio or TV Shows to be a guest on:

Always address the host or producer by name, if available.
Write a compelling introduction that captures interest of a particular host.
Provide a simple list of three to five key discussion points they might be interested in hearing.
Mention previous interview on Other Broadcasts or share sample shows or TV interviews.
Offer to provide sample interview questions tailored to the particular host and include a brief bio.
Offer a complimentary copy of one of the books for review. This can help interest the producer or host and give them more reasons to talk about your books on air.