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'Covenants of the gods' Study Group

The Covenants of the gods

Citizen vs CITIZEN

Audio Part 1

Citizen vs. CITIZEN 2/15/2013 Brother Gregory discusses the third chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Citizen vs. Citizen. Using history and the legal definitions of the law to demonstrate the distinction between freemen and members of a state or nation. Does God want His people to be members of a state, or free souls under Him? A look at what it means to be14th amendment citizen-members of the USA and the legal ramifications of entering into such agreements and binding oneself therein.

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Civil Rights, SS Video Series 2-10 5:00

Sovereign States, SS Video Series 3-10 5:12

Not My Tea Party, SS Video Series 4-10 7:11

☞ Was Paul a Roman?

Was Paul a Roman Citizen or was he Free?