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Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. Some Causes: Infection. Body's defenses become unbalanced, attacking its own tissues. Contributing factors are heredity, diet, stress (physical and emotional), cold and damp. Types RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Remedies: Rest... Physical and emotional rest. Rife technology may be useful. Oils and message, non stressful exercise to promote circulation, with heat and water (bathing and whirlpools). Hot wax therapy with finger tip message. Diet is always a factor in good health. Alfalfa tea twice a day. A tablespoon of fruit pectin in a small glass of cranberry juice every morning. Meditation and dealing with emotional upsets. Change of diet and eating habits improving bowel and constipation. Eliminating sugar, white flour, macaroni, pie, cake, and sweet drinks. Four raw finely sliced beets soaked in a quart of Elderberry wine for one day -drink one small glass before meals. Teaspoons of blackstrap molasses in a glass cranberry juice everyday. equal parts of epsom salts, cream of tartar and ground rhubarb root, in gelatin capsules, and takes one after each meal. two parts pure olive oil and one part kerosene makes a liniment Poultice for swollen joints: 2 tablespoons mullein, 3 of granulated slippery elm bark, one of lobelia, 1 teaspoon cayenne. Mix thoroughly. Use boiling water to make paste. Spread on cloth and place on swollen joints. oil of origanum, oil of lobelia, oil of capsicum, mixed with coconut oil for a good rub. Two teaspoons apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey dissolved in a small glass of warm water taken once or twice a day brings relief. Steep six ounces of sassafras root in fifth of whiskey, brandy or wine for 24 hours. Take one tablespoon three times a day before meals. Steep 1 cup alfalfa seed in 1/2 gallon boiling water for 20 minutes. Strain, put in jar, take small glassful three times a day. equal parts carrot juice with of lemon juice. cucumber juice fresh lemon or lime juice in two tablespoons of warm water nights and mornings. Molasses, real maple syrup or honey can be used to sweetn. This could be done with Alfalfa or sarsaparilla tea.

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