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2004 ~ἐπιτάσσω~ epitasso \@ep-ee-tas’-so\@ from 1909 and 5021; ; v AV-command 8, charge 1, enjoin 1; 10

1) to enjoin upon, order, command, charge
The Greek word epitasso translated command appear 10 times but only a few times in the Bible in reference to Jesus. He commanded unclean spirits in Mark 1:27, Luke 4:36, Mark 9:25 and in Luke 8:31. We also see Him command the wind in Luke 8:25.
While Jesus uses the word in Luke 14:22 in a parable of a master commanding his servants to gather people for the wedding feast the only time Jesus commanded people was his disciples in Mark 6:39 to make all sit down by companies.
In Mark 6:27 we see the king sent an executioner, and commanded John the Baptist's head to be brought and Acts 23:2 The high priest Ananias commanded men to smite Jesus on the mouth.
It is very clear the word epitasso is not an invitation, a suggestion, advise, statement
The word "commandments" is not the same and it is usually the Greek word entole which means more a precept or a statement like the word we see in the Old Testament for Commandments.
also Philemon 1:8 Wherefore, though I might be much bold in Christ to enjoin <2004> thee that which is convenient,