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01375 גְּבִיעַ‎ gëbiya‘ [gheb-ee’-ah] from an unused root; n m; [BDB-149a] [{See TWOT on 309 @@ "309b" }] AV-bowl 8, cup 5, pot 1; 14

1) cup, bowl [See hills 01389 גִּבְעָה‎ GimelBeitAyinHey]
  • ג Gimel Reward and Punish, Cause and effect. Do to others as they should do. Camel[throwstick pride to lift up] 3
  • ב Beit Purpose: God Dwelling Place Below - from house or God's house here[household, in, into] 2
  • ע Ayin also U Divine Providence Eye or Well of five states of kindness or severity. [eye, watch] 70