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The main way to become connected and learn about His Holy Church is to Join the Living Network.

You do that by signing on to one of the Local Network groups and joining or forming a Congregations of record or CORE.

While these network groups are fairly open to those who want to ask more they are private groups to protect and serve the members and have a list of Network Guidelines and a particular Network Purpose ( see About).

There is some discussion and we can answer some questions on these forums in order to get to know one another on the Network

The members of the local networks are expected to pick people to connect them (PCMs) in the whole Living Network.

These are not debate groups. They are meant to help people form CORE groups in a broad Living Network where everyone can get one on one help by helping one another.

Network of Ministers are available to help the Congregants of each CORE find and understand the answers they may be looking for.

It is the Living Network that has the greatest opportunity of gathering with a more focused network.

There is a list of some of our other Websites which include search engines, connections to Broadcasts, Conference calls and Outlines to help you seek answers.

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Yahoo groups

There is still The Kingdom News List[1] and the Yahoogroups:

The people on these discussion groups will need to exercise personal etiquette and tolerance of a wider range of views which may be contrary at times to the teachings of more disciplined members of the Network

While a more open discussion may appear on these groups, no one will allowed to hijack these forums nor will abuse of people be allowed.