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Here's an e-mail I sent to a Home Schooling e-mail group that I'm on. Their moderators keep a pretty close eye on me so I have to be careful of how I word things and keep them short. The topic of utilizing "free" public school opportunities came up and I was led to chime in. Apparently in the community of the original author, there are a number of "public schools" cater to home schoolers. For one day a week home schoolers can come and do science labs and learn social studies and play together. In other communities there are "free" online courses and the school system will even supply the "free" computer to access them. (I wonder when the "free" Internet will begin.) Some parents started noting that they should be getting something for the school taxes they pay even though they home school.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote. Perhaps it will be a springboard to someone here for their own writing.

Depending on which reports you read and what area you are in, the cost to send one child through one year of public school ranges from $6,000 - $20,000. Multiply that by the number of children you wish to participate and it is likely the amount you pay in school taxes is but a small fraction of what you are making your neighbors pay for your children's education. Even if you trim it down to one day a week (20%) the cost would be $1,200 to $4,000 per child if it were to scale linearly which is unlikely.

While appointing His kingdom to His disciples, Jesus instructed them in Luke 22:25-26 that they were to be different than all the other governments of the world and not exercise authority one over the other. Paul tells us what David tells us that what should have been for our welfare has become a snare. (Romans 11:9, Psalms 69:22) Proverbs (23:1) tells us to be not desirous of a ruler's dainties, for they are deceitful meat. When we choose to accept benefits like public school from government we are acknowledging that it is OK to take from our neighbors for our benefit. This is not the way of Christ. And it puts us in a position where it's OK to take from us (Golden rule).

I applaud all home-schooling families for taking back their responsibility to educate their children. It is a giant step toward the kingdom of God and His righteousness. It forgives that debt we may think our neighbor "owes" us (free education), and it lessens the burden placed upon them. (I read that in the late 1990s in Oregon, due to the number of home-schooled students, the amount needed for public schools dropped by over $60M!) Together we can overcome any difficulties or fears that arise as new families join us in this adventure. This group is pivotal to that effort.

Blessings to all you brave home-schooling parents.

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