An HHC Indiana Region happenings report posted August 23, 2013

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The Burning Bush Festival, I believe begins the weekend of August 30 and runs through Labor Day and beyond for those that can stay a full week.

If any one that is traveling to the Burning Bush Festival is planning on passing through Omaha, Nebraska along I-80 west, please feel free to contact me by phone or email and maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee or a meal as you pass through heading west. Or on your return trip from Oregon too.

The Hansen family and Zach J. have already let me know that they are heading this way so all of us crazy Iowans will welcome them and fellowship for a bit as they come through town.

I believe that David Cothern from Sioux Falls, SD, an Elder in the CoRE served by His Church at Lake of the Oaks will soon be heading toward my place to stay with me and my family for a while before he and other Elders in the Core meet up here in the Omaha, Nebraska/Council Bluffs, Iowa area on a mission to head to western Colorado to help out a Living Network family. Their goal is not just to help the family in the network, but to reach out in the local area to find others that are seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness, in hopes they can all continue to get together to serve each other in fellowship and love, hopefully, God willing, come together in a CoRE and establish their own local His Church kingdom government office of service and trust.

If you're interested in participating in this mission to Colorado, contact your PCM or MoR and they will get you in contact with one of more of the Elders of the CoRE that are spearheading this mission trip.

God has answered a prayer for one of the Living network families who's son was injured and the infection spread rapidly and when it was apparent that medical attention was desperately needed it was the 4th of July and the regular clinic they would have gone to was closed for the holiday, and the only option was the local hospital. Of course when the bill came it was huge and the family does not have medical insurance. Well the wife was a tenacious negotiator with the hospital accounting department and was able to get the bill discounted by a considerable amount. However, as much as a victory as that was, the bill was still large enough that the family's savings was not enough to pay off the bill and close the account. So the hospital wanted to arrange an agreed upon payment plan. Unfortunately a monthly set payment was rather large, too large for the family to know for sure that they would be able to make the payments each month. So the father of the family prayed to God via their local His Church. The His Church that serves the family didn't have enough offerings on the altar locally to make up the difference needed, so their minister prayed to other stones in the altar and the needed amount was offered up to the family in faith, hope and charity. The family is now able to avoid being bound to a payment agreement by paying the bill in full and closing the account. They are witnesses to the power and love of God flowing through people that also love God with all their heart and soul and love their neighbors as much as they love themselves by freely choosing to give offerings to God entrusted to their local His Church altars as the kingdom government resources used to feed the Messiah's sheep in their time of need. The family has new faith in God's spirit working in and through the people that they are congregating with in free assembly throughout this Living Network, which is a huge testament to the power of pure love, faith, hope, humility, patience, giving, forgiving and charity of our King of kings Jesus the Christ.

But all of that was only possible because of people. People that were willing to freely give to God and entrust a minister with those offerings so that there would be meat in God's house which could be used to feed His sheep. It's about giving like Christ gave in order to set our neighbors free first in pure love for God and love for our neighbor.

This is the network as it is intended. People not bound in corporate bodies, but only bound to each in love for each other and love for God. Trusting in God and His servants to help set the captives free, and return every man to his natural family and to his possessions. I am sure that the family will continue to give to God in thanks and thanksgiving all for His honor and glory.

Remember that the purpose of these Google groups is as a tool to help connect people in real ways, in order to build the relationships of Godly love, faith, hope, charity, humility, honor and integrity we all say we are seeking. Come together in free will assemblies with others, meet via email and phone calls if you're too far apart to meet face to face each week. Do not let distance be a hurdle that keeps you from building kingdom relationships. That is what Satan wants. Little hurdles, big hurdles, any hurdle that will get people to stay apart, from each other and apart from doing God's will. Don't let Satan be the victor over you and your family. Reach out and get to know other people on this network.

The HHC Moodle education website has been up and running with one class module, which is a Moodle Feedback Module to help the ministers working to build other courses get feedback on sample texts and quizzes about the Kingdom of God. The Moodle is accessed by invitation to the Order Educational Group. People are free to join the Order Educational group but to do so, they must contact their PCM or MoR who then can enroll them on the Order Educational Group. Then once enrolled on the group the individual can request to be a registered user of the Moodle and enrolled in the course that is currently available.

If You don't have a PCM or an MoR post a reply to this email and many of us will be able to help you.

There are several courses in development at this time but they are not yet ready. As soon as they are there will be an announcement on the Order Educational group.

I know that many of you on this group are already on the Order Educational group and registered on the Moodle, but for any one that is not, simply call or email your PCM or MoR and they can get you registered on the Order Educational Group and on the Moodle.