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Wiki Wizard Ways

Getting started

How do I become an editor of this site?

New Wiki editors of the wiki who create pages should monitor those new pages by checking "Watch this page" at the bottom near where they save the page.

  • You must activate your email and change your preferences

You will only get notifications by email that someone has changed your page if you confirm your email.

  • To "confirm" your email.
    • Visit your preferences page while logged in at
    • Send yourself a confirmation email by clicking the button to do so.
    • When you get the email click the appropriate URL in the email.
    • Go back to Special:Preferences reload the page and you should be able to change the settings and then save them.
    • Change Settings. Under the User Profile tab, check, "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed". SAVE. This feature is disabled by default so everyone has to activate it and you can change other preferences there.

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Other links

See User's Guide User's Guide for more information.

Help:Editing From Meta

Wikipedia: How to edit a page

To learn more about how this system there is a good reference at Wiki Manual

Photos and Video

Use Gimp To Re-size Photos for Upload to PreparingYOU Wiki

Free Gimp Download
Gimp Tutorials
Wiki photo uploads are recommended to be less than 150KB


YOU TUBE Online Download software

Movie Storm Movie Maker software

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Open Office Download

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