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Just as the Pharisees and Sadducees justified what they were doing with religious rhetoric and great swelling words[1] about what they believed, modern Christians are praying at the altars of the Fathers of the earth, They strain at gnats while swallowing camels.[2]

In Revelation 2:9[3] and in Chapter 3 verse 9[4] we see a reference to the Synagogue of Satan which is a reference to a congregation of people who claimed to be Jews but were not.

The Christians at that time thought of themselves as Jews and Jesus as the king of the Jews. That is why they called Jesus the Christ, because Christ means anointed, the same as the Hebrew word Messiah, and the kings of Israel were anointed. Jesus was the highest son of David and therefore He was the rightful anointed king. Those who said they had no king but Caesar and did not accept Jesus as the Christ could say they were Jews, but to the followers of the King they were no longer Jews. But because they continued to do the opposite of what Jesus the king commanded, they were considered to be the adversaries of Christ.

The word Satan[5] does mean adversary in the Greek and in Hebrew. Those who were not with Christ, following His way were considered against him and will be scattered.[6]

There were others who did things in the name of Christ but did not gather with Jesus' appointed Church.[7] But Jesus told the Church not to forbid or hinder them, if they are not actually against the Called out.[8]

Those called the Synagogue of Satan were against Christ and the appointed Church, and they would eventually kill James and persecute the followers of Christ.

Presbyterian Church, like many other denominations, is often a top-down organization. It is a General Assembly at the national level.  Then, Synods that reported to General Assembly for each region.  Then, Presbyteries reported to the Synods.  And, then, Sessions (a group of elected Elders) in each church that reported to Presbyteries. 

When I first heard this, I knew that the Greek word Presbyter was the word for elder and an elder was the head of a family. We see elders being appointed to some position or task in the Church. What were those tasks?

Over the centuries, things have moved away from the model used by Christ for His Church. We should instinctively know that this highly centralized hierarchical model is not what Christ established.  But, many do not. We may need to change the way we think about Church altogether.

Christ's way was different than the way of the world which was not bearing fruit.

What was that alternative?

Who is the head of the Church?[9]

If Christ is the head of the Church and the corner stone of the living temple of God, then who is second in command?

That would be you.

You are not to rule over your neighbor, but only yourself. But still, Christians were clearly organized over a vast area of the Roman Empire and beyond. How can this be?

It is very clear that Jesus chose to call out certain men and appoint the kingdom to them. They were not only told to not exercise authority one over the other, but Jesus taught them to take care of the needy and feed his sheep through the exercise of of charity. He also commanded those chosen disciples to make the people sit down in small companies of tens in ranks of one hundred until they were all networked.

These small companies of tens functioned like home churches, meaning they consisted of about ten families who could gather as free assemblies or congregations. But in order for them to "rightly divided bread from house to house in a daily ministration of Charity, it was important to network. As the rightful minister of Jesus the Christ, the ministers of the called out did this in the Temple.[10]

The word "rank" is from the Greek word prasia from a Hebrew idiom.[11] This has nothing to do with rank of authority but a way to network the different groups of ten so that there can be a proper division of the bread from house to house. Without that network the daily ministration -- especially over the whole Roman Empire, as we see being done in Acts -- would be impossible. Each company of elders would pick one elder to gather together with nine men like himself to create a small group of ten men who could oversee a righteous distribution to a hundred.

The Emperors and Senators of Rome were the Conscripted fathers who were "Men called father upon the earth". They held the office of Parens Patriae. The temples of Rome and Judea were all providing government services and the welfare of society. Because people today imagine that religion is "what you think about God", they are brought under a Strong delusion so that they believe a lie.

Religion was always what you did and do about the natural moral duty to God and your fellow man and Pure Religion was doing that without looking to the rulers of the world who are the conscripted fathers of the earth. You either take care of the needs of society through faith, hope, and charity, or you do it through men who exercise authority one over the other through force, fear and violence. While the Father who art in heaven provides daily bread through charity and its participants are the kingdom of God, the "fathers of the earth" use force, taxation and intimidation etc and they are the synagogue of Satan.[12]

There were different factions at the altars in Judea vying for power and control. Some said "they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan"[13].

Many will say they are Christians according to Christ, but they are actually workers of iniquity. To be a denomination of Christ, you must simply conform to Christ. Most all denominations today who claim Christ are actually doing many things condemned by Christ and they will not do what He commanded.

Being a congregant with His Church does not limit your gathering with any other Church or group. Any denomination that wants you to exclusively attend their gatherings is attempting to exercise authority over your activities. No one should desire to belong to a denomination, but everyone should desire to belong to God.

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