Surviving Without Health Insurance

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So does all this faith, hope and charity talk amount to anything? Who puts it on men's hearts to give freely? When no one is standing there with a gun, Who moves men to give selflessly? Isn't it the Spirit of the Almighty?

Of course there must be men and women to hear. To the ministers of His Holy Church who heard our plea....THANK YOU for hearing.

One of the things we did when we moved to the country was to give up half our income. I was running two businesses to support our family in the city. Logistically, I couldn't continue to do one of the businesses, so I continued with design work and gave up the other.

I knew what I wanted to do and had some ideas about how to do it. I was pretty sure we could live on a limited income if we had everything paid off. We did and we have been able to for going on 8 years. It's a struggle most months to make ends meet, but we have and He has provided. We have many friends/neighbors who get thousands of dollars in benefits from uncle Sammy. Tax rebates, soc sec, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, farm subsidies, healthcare, education...etc. We don't and we won't. Where does that leave us when things get difficult?

I'm sure there are a lot of people in similar situations, earning even less, so I'm not complaining....just explaining.

What I didn't account for, with our move to the country, was just how stupid I am. Call it ignorance if that sounds better, but I didn't realize how much I didn't know, and I grew up in rural Missouri. It's been a steep learning curve trying to figure out how to do more for ourselves when the city way is to have someone else do it for you. We had latched on to that ideal w/ a stranglehold. It's far easier to call the plumber when the toilet doesn't flush. Or when the water heater goes out, it's easier to buy a new one than replace an element. Gardening is something, I thought, just happened. You put the seed in the ground, you do a little weeding and wah abundance of fresh veggies. Uh, not quite! How do you start a project without the proper tools? Especially when you can't just run to the store and buy whatever you want like we'd been used to. We learn patience.

I have enjoyed the learning, mostly, but it hasn't been easy.

My family has never been the kind to expect more than we have. I never have to worry about one of my children or my wife complaining about not having enough. For a poor man, I have it pretty good. We also made some good decisions early in life that has served us well. A big one was deciding early on to live on one income. We've never been big spenders so the debt was relatively minimal. When we made the decision to get entirely out of debt, our earlier choices allowed us to do it less painfully. That was a huge blessing.

What my family hasn't understood until now, is why I am spending time on HHC. I have tried many different ways to explain, but it's always come back to everyone being too distant. It's just idealism. It amounts to chat groups with an occasional gathering thrown in....not much more. It was taking more time and energy than what is justified.

These are things I heard more than once and that was the attitude around here. We're struggling and Brent's spending his time on idealism run amok.

When my eldest son had an issue with his leg a few months ago, I didn't even consider asking for first. We had a huge hospital bill to contend with. It was going to be a heavy burden. My Minister of Record (Scott Hostetter) and I talked about it being an opportunity to practice faith, hope and charity. I was intent on doing it myself until it became evident I needed help. I knew I had to feast on my pride. I don't usually go hungry in that regard. Scott helped immensely in getting me beyond my selfishness. Thank you Friend.

When we received funds from His Church to help with our hospital bill, it was a God send. My wife and children saw things differently. All the talk I had been filling the air with for 4 years about HHC had found ears. Gregory's words on Saturday mornings weren't just dead, they were alive. Why? Because people we don't really know offered us some relief....some Charity. We were Loved by Him through people far away. For me and my family, that was sweet relief indeed. There's a better understanding around here of what Faith, Hope, and Charity looks like. The talk has taken shape and for that I am forever grateful.

My family's small offerings, through our minister of record, may take several months or longer to add up in order to help replace those funds. Personally, I wish there were more to give....and there may be at some point....who knows. But as I've said, if it's truly from our King, then it can't possibly be repaid like a loan anyway. I can strive to refill, but all my striving will never repay what has been sacrificed.

Ministers of His Holy Church are entrusted with a big responsibility - handling Christ's property. So whether, offerings are distributed to help someone on the other side of the country pay for a medical bill, or rent, or's done with the intent of providing an alternative to the world's form of charity, which often involves force. Our offerings help ensure that when someone really needs help, they can get it without having to pray to foreign gods. As we know, there are gods many....but there's only One who taught us to live through Faith, Hope and honest to goodness Charity.

How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance

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