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The purpose of the Google email groups is to form a network of local CORE assemblies in patterns of Tens where people can seek to do what the early Church did - to love one another through mutual service in the character oThe outline of these guidelinesf Christ.

Group Guidelines for The Living Network

All members should keep these three basic guidelines in mind if they intend to honor the purpose of these groups.


Steps toward the Living Network.

All members of these email Network groups should follow these basic steps if they intend to honor these Network Purposes and the Network Guidelines.

  • Join the email Network group based on where you live.
  • Introduce yourself in a personal way while seeking to understand the purposes and guidelines of these groups.
  • Connect to a local Congregation of Record (CORE) group nearest to you.
  • Become a congregant a local CORE group seeking to serve others through and with free assemblies of fervent charity.
  • Volunteer in love to serve others anywhere and everywhere in teams of Tens connecting with all other groups in a Fractal Network beyond your local groups.

The outline of these guidelines

The outline of these guidelines is offered to aid you in fully understanding the terms of participation and membership on these network groups in fulfillment of their purpose.

1. Announce yourself upon entering the group:

A. Sharing some information about yourself is encouraged.
  1. Your values, hopes, ideas tells us who you are.
  2. Seek to find out who the local Minister of Record and volunteer PCMs are.
  3. Freely and formally assemble with the nearest CORE group and its Minister of Record.


  1. DON'Ts! Practices and postings to be avoided:
a. Long, dictating or argumentative posts or diatribes about personal doctrinal conclusions, religious philosophies, or learned eschatology, theology, or epistemology and personal dogmas is often the road to division not the kingdom of God which is built on the righteous service and love for one another, forgiveness and giving:
These private Network groups are not forums for posting diatribes, news items, or dictating or debating dogmas.
b. Posting contrary Information or positions to the teachings expressed in the HHC information.
There are other discussion groups. and on health and general preparing your family
c. Soliciting, arguing, debating, farming emails or promoting personal beliefs, especially when they are contrary to the primary purpose.
Except in the introduction of who you are.
d. Forwarding news items or stories... to the group if not directly pertinent to the purpose of the group.
e. Minimize the length to each messages to respect others and protect the archives
  1. There are software limitations built into the system
• Trim and condense messages,
• No photos or attachments.
• Use a URL rather than post long cut and paste
f. No implicit or cross posting to others outside the group that will bring spam
• Every post to the group should be to that group only
g. No Abuse of one another is allowed!
  • Failure to comply is a part of our vetting process!


1. DO's Everyone must participate at some level.
a. These are permission only groups where membership is provided for a purpose.
Every Post should have the expansion or improvement of the network as its purpose.
b. These groups require some level of participation.
  1. You may not just sit on the "sidelines" indefinitely.
  2. If people just want to maintain some contact but do not want to participate just join the The Kingdom Newsletter.

2. Choose a Minister or Personal Contact Minister PCM

Electing a Minister or PCM is the first thing and will subscribe you to The Living Network Newsletter.
You may alter that choice by using the personal details link in The Living Network Newsletter.
A. The Purpose of these groups is to bring people together in local groups forming an international living network of love.
  1. We understand distances are great as the membership is still growing but a simple phone call may be enough.
  2. As numbers increase more people may meet in patience and love and build real kingdom relationship.
  3. If there is no one in your area, please be patient with your chosen PCM as we work to change that.
  4. If you want the network to grow faster then you have to volunteer to help make that happen.
  5. And to connect these groups with each other through volunteer Ministers who comply with their purposes.
B. Things you can DO
  1. Conversations on the phone and in person are encouraged.
  2. Set up local meetings and meeting through out your area as often as you can.
  3. Establish as many Personal Contact Ministers and their Assistance in your local group as practical.
  4. Form CORE GROUPS by choosing local ministers.
  5. When traveling outside your area you should make an effort to meet people in other parts of the Living Network.
  6. Projects of charity and mutual care.
C. Things you should NOT DO
  1. Do not sit on the groups waiting for someone else to make it all happen
  2. Do not use these groups just to gather people around yourself
  3. Do not farm emails and information
  4. Do not "lurk", participate
  5. These groups require participation in its purpose

3. Volunteer to be a Personal Contact Ministers or their Assistant

A. Openly volunteer to comply with the purposes of that position by:
  1. Saying where they are from.
  2. Expressing their general intent as Contact Minister.
  3. Naming any particular qualification they may have.
B. Become a viable congregant to a CORE.
  1. Each state group may have multiple Contact Ministers.
  2. Contact Ministers may gather in groups of two to ten and elect State Contact Ministers.
  3. Contact Ministers should be willing to have contact information published on the Network Map.
  4. "Network Contact Minister" will be linked together to began to form the Living Network.
C. Remain active on all levels:
PCMs must remain active within the whole Network
  1. Phone Conferences, group or private meetings are encouraged.
  2. Records should be kept concerning meetings, projects, service and disservice for the efficiency and protection of those networking.
  3. Projects in each group will be featured to help others see what can be accomplished if people work together.
D. Warnings and limitations, Please Remember:
  1. Remain a viable congregant within a CORE with the witness of approval of you minister of record.
a. Contact Ministers must agree to the guidelines and purpose as listed for these HHC forums..
b. Contact Ministers must give evidence by participation that they are in compliance with the purposes and terms of being a Personal Contact Minister to the satisfaction of this Living Network.
c. Failure to convince this network of compliance with the terms of this web service offered by HHC may result in the removal of a contact minister from this service provided by the Church until such time as they are again in agreement and in full compliance with the "purposes".

This is a work in progress...

"...If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place;
and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Matthew 17:20

If you wish to be a part of the living Kingdom of God gather together in the Name and Character of Christ, serving and loving one another as He did, then you need to subscribe to a Local Network group and the Living Stones Network Newsletter. There is a list of other sponsored groups for further discussion but these groups are for networking only.

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