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The problems in the world today are the result of the people of the world, the way they think and the way they relate to one another. If we are to change the world we need to change the way we think about our relationship to it and those living in the world. PreparingYou.com is an examination of all aspects of society, our history and our present condition, and how they alter the destiny of society. It is a journey in search of the truth that sets mankind free from the bondage of deception. The journey into understanding the ways of the world includes an examination of our own thinking and biases so that we can perceive the truth when we find it.

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Video, MP3s, Broadcasts, Conference Calls

Every week we produce and broadcast numerous radio shows that cover many topics affecting our lives, and liberty in the world. Listen in and share your thoughts.


For the latest updates on events and activities from friends around the world and on the The Living Network, please join the Internet Network groups to make contact. There is also the Kingdom Newsletter which shares information with a broader network.

Spring Retreat Photos

We had a great annual spring retreat in the Midwest that provided the opportunity to meet others from all over the country and confirm our love of the true gospel of Christ—that the kingdom of God is at hand. See photos and read the feedback.

Alternative to National Health Care

Rome had a national healthcare system at the time of Jesus. Part of Jesus' mission was to provide an alternative so that followers of The Way were able to legally "opt out." Find out how.


Taking responsibility for training/educating your children is part of loving your neighbor. When you rely on the State for public education, you're actually coveting/stealing from your neighbor via forced taxation and through the agency of a government willing to use violence. If you doubt this, try not paying property taxes and see what happens.

Oregon Fall gathering

Summer Lake Oregon

Burning Bush Festival

The ancient Fall festivals of free people was part of a plan with a purpose that was essential for the health and well being of the people and the maintenance of liberty within their community. The Burning Bush Festival will be through September 5-7, 2020.
Join the network and find out more and help us to grow the Festival.

The Burning Bush Festival Website is http://www.burningbushfestival.org
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BurningBushFestival
Preparing you website http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Burning_Bush_Festival.
Questions https://burningbushfestival.org/faqs/
To find out more join the Network [1].

About Our Logo

The U represents a vessel or ark and the roof is a covering of righteousness. The single circle is the Spirit of life that mutually dwells in us according to our individual faith in The Way of righteousness.

Weekly Conference Calls, MP3 Archives


Daily Schedule and Archives

His Church offers various conference calls, some of which are open to the public such as the study of HHC material, health topics,and a women's group, while other calls focus on specific HHC congregation meetings and ministers. The schedule for these calls is located on the Living Network.

The Living Network

Tens, Hundreds and Thousands
The chief factor of liberty under God is volunteering to congregate in Congregations of Record, CORE groups, through faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty in which people strive to love their neighbor as themselves in Righteousness. The Living Network can be established through a tool like the Network Which is based on local networked internet groups.Read more

Internet Resources
We provide a variety of free websites, media outlets and conversational and study forums to promote education, health and welfare of individuals and Intentional Community building purposes.
With the participation in Network we can offer our service and guidance free to those who take clear steps toward the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. See Website info

Forbidden Definitions

Two different groups at the time of Jesus had very different interpretations of the ancient manuscripts which eventually became the Old Testament. What the Pharisees taught essentially became the mainstream interpretation of the Bible today. But Jesus kept saying that their view was wrong. Instead, he sided with the Essenes (a much larger group at the time) who expressed a totally different worldview through the very same ancient Hebrew symbols.

Forbidden Bible
Understanding the meaning of words and their historical context gives the Bible a whole new, practical meaning.


Health and health care are primary issues today. For links to many sources and ways to deal with good health, health dangers, health costs, go to our Health pages to seek kingdom answers.

Wiki Ways

If you want to help build the Preparing You website become a member of The Living Network and join the Wiki Editors group.


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An international community of those seeking Christ's way, His righteousness and His doctrines, is not only virtual but also live and in person. Get updates, links to new articles and audio files.... Become a part of our other growing Facebook community sites like Preparing you Facebook outreach and discussion group.


The HHC Educational Moodle Classes

Join the Living Network and take some of our online courses. Christ had a solution designed to set you free from the world; one that would save the people. What, Why, and Where is His Holy Church's Moodle educational website? Read more at: Moodle

Dedicated to Prepare You for liberty

Modern Christians have forgotten The Way of Christ and the early Church. The modern Church is in need of Repentance and all the Modern Christians of the thousands of denominations who allow the covetous practices of the modern version of Corban need to turn around and seek the Kingdom of God and righteous.