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Heather Goldsborough 2016 UMES.JPG

Heather serves as a PCM for Maryland.

My Husband David, stepson, and I live near the city of Salisbury, MD on what is known as the Eastern Shore or Delmarva Peninsula.

We stumbled upon HHC while looking for information on what a Christian Marriage looks like and it's origins. Marriage vs. Holy Matrimony was the first HHC page I read. Oh the excitement in my voice when I showed it to David. There is something so beautiful about coming to a conclusion between you and God and then finding out others in the world got there too. The more I read, the more those revelations seem to keep coming! It just doesn’t seem right to keep that light under a basket-Matt. 5:15. I want to help make it brighter so that others can see it shining too-Prov. 4:18, so I am volunteering to serve.

In this current world I teach English to children in China over the internet. I also have formal training in chemistry and experience running a small business.

If there is some way that I may be able to help you on your journey, please drop me a line. If you get my voicemail please leave a callback number; my phone will not display one.


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My travels on YouTube:Connecting the Knots

A newspaper article published locally: [1]

From Burning Bush 2016

A view of White Rock from my tent.
This beautiful picture was taken on the church property.
One bag of markers and a coloring book=hours of fun.
Deep Discussion; From left to right: Pastor Dan, the Hardmans, Justice
Some of the older Hardman kids