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Heather Goldsborough 2016 UMES.JPG

Heather serves as a PCM for Maryland.

My Husband David, stepson, and I live near the city of Salisbury, MD on what is known as the Eastern Shore or Delmarva Peninsula.

We stumbled upon HHC while looking for confirmation that marriage licenses didn’t originate with God. Marriage vs. Holy Matrimony was the first HHC page I read. Oh the excitement in my voice when I showed it to David. There is something so beautiful about coming to a conclusion between you and God and then finding out others in the world got there too. The more I read, the more those revelations seem to keep coming! It just doesn’t seem right to keep that light under a basket-Matt. 5:15. I want to help make it brighter so that others can see it shining too-Prov. 4:18, so I am volunteering to serve.

In this current world I run a small, local seafood business that is only just getting off the ground and teach English to children in China over the internet. I also have formal training in chemistry.

If there is some way that I may be able to help you on your journey, please drop me a line. If you get my voicemail please leave a callback number; my phone will not display one.


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My travels on YouTube:Connecting the Knots

A newspaper article published locally: [1]

From Burning Bush 2016

A view of White Rock from my tent.
This beautiful picture was taken on the church property.
One bag of markers and a coloring book=hours of fun.
Deep Discussion; From left to right: Pastor Dan, the Hardmans, Justice
Some of the older Hardman kids