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== Industry ==
== Industry ==
[[Free Images]]
[http://www.wikihouse.cc/ WikiHouse - 3D printed housing]
[http://www.wikihouse.cc/ WikiHouse - 3D printed housing]

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Shift Change Trailer from ShiftChange.org

Article on the town of Mondragon's co-op.

Ultimately, it is best for entrepreneurial individuals not to be tied into a system like this. On the other hand, this may be a good model for "ministry" within the network and among the unnumbered.
6 min video about a tomato company that apparently has no bosses/bureaucracy/politics.

No details of how this works on a practical level. It just seems like a good thing to add to the archives for future reference. Perhaps a PCM or future COR in California can take a field trip.




Free Images

WikiHouse - 3D printed housing

Global Village Construction Set

WikiSpeed - Open Source Car

3D Printing Resources

Agile Hardware Design Video - Joe Justice of WikiSpeed speaking about how the Agile model from the software world can be adapted to improve any type of manufacturing.


Forbes article on the success of the Indo-American community in Edison, NJ financing each other's businesses.

VIDEO: TEDx - Life Is Easy by Jon Jandi - 15 min


Emerging Social Tools

Computing on the Cheap