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[[Image:Thumb10ico.jpg|link=http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Broadcast|right|300px|<center>'''Radio''' - '''[http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Broadcast Daily Broadcast Schedule''']</center>]]
[http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Audio_Files Archived shows].
'''KKVV in Las Vegas'''<Br>
'''KKVV in Las Vegas'''<Br>
at http://www.KKVV.com<Br>
at http://www.KKVV.com<Br>

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Radio - Daily Broadcast Schedule

Archived shows.

KKVV in Las Vegas
at http://www.KKVV.com
4AM Pacific Standard Time
Tuesday through Saturday

Straight Talk on BlogTalkRadio
discontinued until further notice
7:30 AM PST
-8:30AM MST
--9:30AM CST
---10:30AM EST
Guest call-in: (323) 927-1405

Keys of the Kingdom
2 hours Every Saturday starting
--10AM CST
---11AM EST
Listen: http://libertyradiolive.com/listen2LRL.html
Dial-in to listen at: (805) 399-1000 Code: 573812

The Sabbath Hour
6PM Eastern Standard Time
-5pm Central Standard Time
--4pm Mountain Standard Time
---3PM Pacific Standard Time
Call in number is (347) 324-3704

Other callins, study groups and conference calls. TalkRadio