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After multiple bone breaks and being forced to negotiate medical services in an emergency or semi emergency manner I feel I may have some insight to share with others to prepare them for future incidents should they arise.

Many fractures ,if not compound, can be address immediately by simply placing ice on the area and elevating the limb while Immobilizing it to allow it to rest. If no discoloration or numbness occurs, these fractures can be treated with home remedies momentarily until medical assistance can be negotiated. As soon as possible a call to a local facility can be made to inquire about an out patient X-ray scan and the sub-sequential reading of the scans. Asking for a price quote at cash up front price is key to negotiating the cost before committing to the services offered. If the fracture does not need to be set, a removable brace can be acquired usually at a fraction of the cost of a cast which will have to be applied and removed by a physician.

In the case of a visible displacement of ,for instances, a wrist break, immediate maneuvering of the incorrect placement can save tens of thousands of dollars worth of corrective surgeries and alleviate restriction on blood flow and strained tendons.

Two out of three of our broken bone repairs in the last 4 years have been taken care of in an out patient visit and cost less than $250. One break , a wrist break, cost us close to $2,000 dollars but was a fraction of the upfront price because of cash negotiations. Many facilities will offer a large deduction (upwards of 50%) if you are able to pay upfront even in part. A close relationship with your minister would be advantageous not only for these instances but also to know when an influx of “blood” is needed on another’s behalf.

We have found that oils and salves as well as poultice of comfrey can be very useful in mending broken bones and keeping the discomfort under control. Here is a list of oils we have used and found very useful:

Northern Lights Black Spruce, cedar wood oil and Copaiba oil for bone strength and healing as well as soothing the ache of a bone break.

Wintergreen, peppermint and as well as pain relief cream Cool Azul.

Hemp salve is an awesome option for pain relief as well as healing the bone even when applied to the surface.

I also like to use CBD oil from MANA with turmeric or Macedonian as a tension elevator as well as a supplement to assist in cellular rejuvenation and joint anti inflammatory agent.

While it would seem wise to always eat an anti inflammatory diet it becomes more so when trying to heal ones body from breaks or even common cold. Also the use of herbs such as turmeric and cayenne as well as cumin can help to accelerate the healing process.

While these things have worked for us they may not all work for you and I encourage you to experiment and learn about oils and herbs so as to benefit yourself and those around you in the future. I am not a learned doctor or a studied herbal practitioner so all this information is given as a reference to our experience and not as liable advice. Please consider your methods carefully and always reach out to others in your network for helpful advice and knowledge given freely in Love.

May your bones remain never broken and if not, may they heal with Godspeed.

Jim Seib