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The Bondage of Egypt was where a portion of one's labor belonged to rulers like the Pharaoh or his government. Because the people desired or required the benefits of the his government they went into bondage under his exercising authority. After setting the people free through Moses God said to never return to the way of Egypt. Yet people did just that under Herod and Rome. Jesus told us to think a different way and to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

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The "Bondage of Egypt" refers to the predicament of ancient Israel where the value of a portion of their labor belonged to the government of Pharaoh. They were committed to giving up that portion in exchange for a limited offer of benefits. In Egypt that obligation passed from generation to generation for 400 years becoming more and more burdensome over time.[1] God said in Deuteronomy 17 to never return to the way of Egypt again, yet the people did just that under Herod and Rome. Jesus told us to think a different way and to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Someone came across the article A Secret Form to Opt Out of Government Handouts. and asked, "Why would a secret opt-out form be necessary in a voluntary system?"

What is the rest of the story?

Normalcy bias, sometimes called analysis paralysis, come from an unwillingness to see things differently. This keeps people from examining or even questioning what they believe to be true when new information is presented. What was the early Church really doing with their Daily ministration? What was and why did Christ condemn the Corban of the Pharisees? What was Pure Religion and what did it have to do with the Christian conflict with the Public religion of Rome? How would Covetous Practices of the World bring us back into bondage and make us merchandise and curse children.

The world "system" is voluntary but not in the way that most people think. This system is as old as Cain and Nimrod. It was prophesied that the people would again be entangled in the yoke of bondage like they were in the days of Egypt and they and their children would become human resources. True to prophecy, people have become collateral or a surety for debt through their voluntary applications...through the actions and agreements of themselves and their parents.

The same process has been used throughout man's beleaguered history. Israel went into bondage because they and all of the people of Egypt sought the benefits offered by the government of Pharaoh during a time of economic dearth which came about because of climate change when the crops and their economy failed.

Those voluntary applications, actions and agreements are both covetous practices and the result of a society slothful in The Way of Jesus Christ and the early Church. People have again become human resourcessureties for debt. And most continue to curse their children because of their false religion and strong delusion. Some are waking up but are not really doers of the word in The Way of the early Church.

The form mentioned in the article is not a secret. I have known about it, and many others like it, for years.

Both IRS Form 4029 and Form 4361 are Application for Exemption Social Security and Medicare Taxes and From Self-Employment Tax respectively. But they are only offers of exemption which can be revoked at any time.[2]

I have known ministers and members of religious orders who used Form 4361. This form is also used by Christian Science practitioners but not for ministers under a vow of poverty.[3] Some Amish use Form 4029 as an Application for Exemption From Social Security and Medicare Taxes and as a Waiver of Benefits.

But the Amish already take care of their own people. They are not isolated individuals just trying to set themselves free with paperwork. Until those who claim to be Christian "sit down in the companies of tens and ranks of fifty and ranks of one hundred" as commanded by Christ in Mark 6:39-40, which was the same directive as Moses and those who worshiped through the altars of the faith established by Abraham, why should they expect to be set free?

Christ came that we might be saved. But if Christ is in us we will no longer be biting one another through the covetous practices offered by the Fathers of the earth who are called benefactors yet exercise authority one over the other.

Christ appointed His Church to be the benefactors of a peculiar people through faith, not force, and through charity, not chains of contracts. The ministers of His Church were to actually be Ministers within Religious Orders[4] who came out at Pentecost to set the people free from the schemes of Herod.

This salvation through repentance and the Baptism of the early Church was not an exemption and they did not have to file an application with the Pharisees. If they would be willing to organize themselves in the tens according to the dictates of Christ, which were the same instructions given to the Levites of the Church in the wilderness, they could be free indeed.

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." John 8:36

There is a "Mandatory exception"[5] for the Church bought by the blood of Christ. Those who will conform to Christ and actually do what he told His disciples do not have to file an application to be His Church.[6]

They are “mandatorily” excepted from having to file such requests for exemption because they are willing to think a different way and seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness by the Grace of Christ. Seeking the kingdom is not just about going to a church; it is about being that peculiar people who will sit down together and walk in The Way of Christ.

The reason the Amish are granted a limited exemption is because they are not slothful like the Modern Church is in the ways of the early Church. They have not yet finished their journey all the way back to the Father's house but they are closer than many who think they are believers in Christ but might be more properly labeled workers of iniquity.[7] Wise men like Polybius, John the Baptist, Jesus and Peter warned about those covetous practices which bind the people and make them merchandise and curse children. Originally and for centuries the entire welfare of the Christian community was provided by the Church. But the modern Church has "forsaken the right way and are gone astray".[8] They have followed "the way of Balaam" and the Nicolaitan because they "loved the wages of unrighteousness". The rewards or wages of unrighteousness are the benefits provided by the Fathers of the earth who call themselves Benefactors but only give what they take away from others or borrow against the future of children who are cursed with debt not of their making.

"Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core." Jude 1:11

The State or “merchants of the earth”[9] would never allow productive hard-working modern Christians to opt out of that system unless they were organized as Christ said and actually caring for one another. And then this would only take place under the influence of a greater power, a humbling power. All the ministers and leaders in the world from Adam to Melchisedec or Cain to Nimrod or Samuel to John the Baptist or David to Jesus must face the Temptations of Christ. Those Temptations can only be overcome by the grace of God the Father which comes to us through the humility of willing sacrifice by submission to His will through prayer and fasting.

"His God, Is God"[10]

Who is your God?

The Church is commanded to make the people sit down in that same networking pattern of Tens before they receive the blessings of Christ through the disciples of Christ. We cannot physically make people comply with Christ and His directives because we do not exercise authority one over the other. However, the people should not expect loaves and fishes nor freedom until they do as Christ said and the early Church was doing.

Modern Churches have not preached the true gospel. They have tickled the ears of many through sophistry so that the people believe a lie and have bought into strong delusion. They tell the people that it is okay to covet what belongs to other people and take from their neighbors through the agency of governments who exercise authority.[11] Many people think they are saved and think they believe in Christ but are actually workers of iniquity. Repentance requires the humility to think a different way and faith requires that you be a doer of the word.

We can tell the people how the Church works. We can work daily to help them do things like the early Church did. But the people have to repent and seek this kingdom of God and His righteousness by starting to do what Jesus said and the early Church righteously did.

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    The following is from the General Instructions for form 4361
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    • A member of a religious order who has not taken a vow of poverty; or
    • A Christian Science practitioner.
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