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What If

What if the truth is unpleasant to hear? What if finding the truth requires we admit we don't know? What if faith without works is dead? What if we are known by our fruit?

What if we don’t understand the structure of the kingdom? What if the structure of His kingdom is unlike any church we’ve ever seen? What if this is evidenced by the Bible? What if this evidence has been so buried under myths & fables[1] that it takes more than just scratching the surface or casual reading? What if finding some of the truths in the Bible takes studying the oldest languages it was written in? What if blind trust of translators & scribes has led the whole Christian world into confusion & darkness? What if when studying we are tempted to worship the Bible & quench the Spirit[2]?

What if only the Spirit can reveal these truths[3]? What if the Spirit only speaks to us when we seek the truth with our whole heart? What if we can only hear after we cast down our imaginations[4]? What if we don’t really want to understand? What if understanding is uncomfortable?

What if we are all Sons of God[5]? What if Jesus was a literal king? What if He was different than any other king because He would NOT exercise authority over others[6]? What if those truly following Him cannot exercise authority over others either? What if His sacrifice freed thousands of literal people in bondage? What if His life set-up a permanent & literal Kingdom of God on this earth? What if this Kingdom is what we are to seek[7]?

What if we are so busy imagining the next life, we don’t learn how to live this one? What if Modern Christianity has become more fixated on worshiping Christ’s death, rather than His life? What if we are the blind guides leading the blind[8]? What if we aren’t really Christians?

What if we reject the truth because it’s not common knowledge? What if the mysteries of the Kingdom are hidden from the casual listener[9]? What if the Spirit of God has repeatedly spoken to men (Abel, Abraham, Moses, Samuel, John the Baptist, & Jesus the Christ) & they revealed His deeper truths to those that would hear? What if these truths spoke to the hearts of true seekers & they bore witness to it? What if these movements were persecuted & often labeled “cults”? What if the real cult is being a ‘CULTivated’ member of the governments of men? What if this is the worship of false gods? What if the systems these false gods set-up are Beasts? What if the whole world has gone whoring after the Beast[10]? What if the Harlot is Modern Christianity, perverting the truth of the Kingdom to make men comfortable serving in the cult of the Beast?

What if the Kingdom of Heaven is supposed to be now? What if Christ said it was "at hand" as in "within reach"[11]? What if Hell is in this life? What if salvation is also in this life?

What if salvation for the orphan is providing them a home? What if salvation for the widow is helping her start a business? What if this is the whole of religion? What if Pure Religion according to James 1:27[12] is doing this completely through a system of charity? What if this system is the true church? What if Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, & Jesus the Christ all setup these systems? What if random acts of charity are not enough to properly care for the widow & orphan? What if these men organized into these systems of Tens for this very reason? What if these men weren’t fools? What if they were wiser than you or me?

What if destruction of the Beast is near? What if only those seeking the Kingdom established by Christ on earth will have hope of salvation? What if those that reject His system/Kingdom will be consumed in the collapse & death of the system of the Beast?

What if the path to life is not easily seen? What if it is narrow & FEW find it? What if the path to destruction is broad & easy to find? What if many are on it?[13]

What if Jesus wasn’t a liar when He said all the things we like to reject? What if seeking, striving, working, fruit, etc. really do matter? What if DOING helps us see our Father?


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