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If you'd ever visited my family page at the old PreparingU site, then you will notice that while the basic format of this landing page and that one remains the same, the overall purpose is markedly different. While this page and the pages linking from it will also serve the purpose of letting you get to know me a bit more, this page (and pages linking from it) is intended to also serve as a public record - for accountability purposes.

Something I've learned about myself is I'm too easily distracted by all manner of things that take away from my doing much, or in some cases any, of the more important things I could be doing with the time I've left on this planet. But, through having something of an accountability tracker in place, I am much more likely to remain on task. So, by setting down in writing here the things which I believe are the most important for me to be focused on at various stages along the way, and knowing that at any time someone can come here and note my progress (or [hopefully not] the lack thereof), I know I will be more apt to follow-up and follow through. And, so, this family page will also serve as a tool for me in that regard.

The primary emphasis for now will be on getting my house in order - in all of what that means - to the end that, the further along the way I get in my tending to more of the more weightier matters myself, I will increasingly be becoming more of an asset to fellow seekers - along their way - along The Way.

Peace on your house.

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Tasks (I've been neglecting for too long)

N-P Ex-Wives and the Children they bore
N-P "Death and Taxes"
N-P Election of an MoRE and establishment of my SPT
N-P Adult (Home Schooling) Education - for a more "profitable" way


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My Minister of Recorded Elders (MoRE) Name: Brother Paul Bethke

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