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Weapon of Mass Distraction

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“Far more seductive than opium, infinitely more effective at shaping behavior and expectations than alcohol and religion, television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history.”[1]

"Consumer slaves in the west schedule their lives and relationships around watching television. They use it as a babysitter for their youth, and wake up to this drug, consume it whenever possible during the day, and go to sleep with it, they even take it with their meals." [2]
Documentary on Propaganda
"Television in the west doesn't kill, it pacifies, turning viewers into compliant zombies. They wear a vacant, glassy-eyed look on their faces because they are in a trance-like state... Now the consumer is sitting still and ready for indoctrination; no force is necessary here, he [and/or she] is a willing participant."[3]

"[T]elevision and the movies increasingly have become like junk food, designed to degrade and starve us spiritually and intellectually." [4]

"Psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland found that after just 30 seconds of watching television the brain begins to produce alpha waves, which indicates torpid (almost comatose) rates of activity. Alpha brain waves are associated with unfocused, overly receptive states of consciousness. A high frequency alpha waves does not occur normally when the eyes are open. In fact, Mulholland's research implies that watching television is neurologically analogous to staring at a blank wall."[5]

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