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Setting up Moodle User Accounts:

1) Log into the Moodle using your Username and Password at:

2) On the left hand margin of the Moodle home page there are menus running vertically.

a) Find the menu titled: Site Administration, and "left click". Sub-menus should now be visible.
b) Find the sub-menu titled: Users, and "left click". A new sub-menu should now be visible.
c) "left click" on the menu titled: Accounts. Again a new sub-menu appears.
d) "left click" on the menu option: Add A New User.
e) Type in the information, provided to you by the new Moodle user, into the "red" highlighted fields. Once data entry is complete, scroll to bottom of page and "click" Create User button.
f) Make of note of the information you used to create a user account to send to the new user, IF, you improvised by creating a temporary password, or the like. Email the user account information to the new Moodle user.

!!!Attention!!! Creating a User Account does NOT automatically enroll a user in any Moodle course(s). When a Moodle user wants to take a Moodle Course their user account must be enrolled in that specific course(s).

Enrolling Moodle Users in Moodle Courses

1) Log into the Moodle using your Username and Password at:

2) On the Moodle Main page, in the middle of the page, there are two headings:

a) Course Categories
b) Available Courses

Right now there are not enough total courses being built to limit the main page to just the "Course Categories" menu, maybe someday there will be. All the courses can be found using either heading. By using the course categories menus and submenus, or at this time, simply scrolling down the page of "Available Courses" until you find the course name the Moodle user is requesting to be enrolled in.

!!!Attention!!! Available Courses have their course name displayed in blue letters. Unavailable course, whether the course is still being built or it is closed, which is like saying its not available this semester to take. Students can only be enrolled in the available courses in blue that they fulfill the prerequisites for!!!

The basic prerequisite for all Moodle courses is all enrolled users must have chosen a Minister of Record (MoR, a His Church) or a Personal Contact Minister (PCM on the Google groups).

3) Locate the course that the qualified Moodle user wishes to be enrolled in. Again, at this point simply scroll down the main page until you locate the correct course name, in blue, in the available courses list.

4) Left Click on the Course Title. The new course is titled:

Free Church Report: Guidelines of His Church, Altars and Auxiliaries

5) Look again to the menus found on the left hand margin of the course page. The second menu down should have the heading: "Administration" (the first menu heading is Navigation)

6) Under the menu heading, Administration, locate the menu, Course Administration. Left click on "Course Administration" to reveal a sub-menu.

7) In the "Course Administration" sub-menu find "Users" (it should be the third option down from the top of the menu). "click" Users, a new sub-menu is expanded.

8) "click" on the first menu option "Enrolled Users".

9) Near the top of page, to the FAR RIGHT of the page. Locate a "button" that reads "ENROL USERS". A new window will open, which is the entire list of user names registered on the Moodle. Scroll down the list until you find the User you are seeking to enroll in the course.

10) Once you find the User name on the list simply "click" the "ENROL" button to the right of the User name. The Moodle user is now enrolled in that specific course.

I would recommend that you either send an email or call the congregant that asked you, their MoR or PCM, to enroll them in a Moodle course, to confirm with the Moodle user that they have been successfully enrolled.

Thanks for your help and service to others.