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To widen the coverage of the Network and seek a tighter relationship at the higher layers of the Network we need to work at the union or those who are participating so that they are all working together.

We want to encourage better connections so we will want to connect people and PCMs but we do not know if all the PCMs are up to it.

Iron sharpens Iron.

The Minister of Record meet each week and are probably getting closer by doing so, PCMs may be a looser fitting group but we should work to make them a team.

Fractal Networking is a team effort.

There is a purpose for these email groups

As a PCM your purpose is to improve connections between the people of the Network so that they can form CORE groups of a living network of kingdom minded souls. How you do that will vary as God makes individuals and not clones.
We have a list of PCM_Tips on how to do that.

But then there is doctrine and preaching???

We only have the Doctrines of Christ and no one represents His Church if they stray from His Doctrines and impose their private interpretation on others.

Our Mission

How do you talk to people about the kingdom?

  • First our mission is to create a living network of people who care about each other as much as themselves.

That is not complicated.

Love for one another should be our focus.

The purpose for joining the network is to help others not just be helped.

How you communicate that to others will require thee Holy Spirit to guide you.

Talking to people comes with practice.

If you see the importance of this in Christ's Gospel then you are just bearing witness to what you see in hope that others wee it.

The definition of religion has changed in the last 150 years The definition of faith has changed.

Our network is our FEMA which is just communities loving communities as much as their own. But we get the job done as an Adhocracy not a bureaucracy.

The little bits of knowledge about what we think the Bible says must be gently lifted off the shoulders of the people we meet.

Let them do some of the thinking on their own.

The Corban of the Pharisees which made the word of God to none effect was a social welfare system run by the government of Judea and Rome who called themselves benefactors but exercised authority one over the other... we were told not to be that way.

Who are the Fathers of the earth which Jesus to call no man? You can Google it. [1]

  • Call no man Father

What was Christ trying to tell us about fathers on the earth?

This isn't rocket science but most people do not want to hear it.

The Church in America use to take care of almost all the social welfare in the country but not any more. It use to be the major source of health care in America.

We are all eating at the table of rulers for education, health and welfare and we should not be. So how do we fix that.

If people who claim to be Christians were actually seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness this country ... this world .... would have a chance and until they there is not much that can be done... So what to we got to loose?

They do not know that and terms keep people from thinking beyond the apostate Church.

We should often just focus on Society_and_community first. Personal relationships and love.