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The home page is the front door for the whole website.

The home page should have links to the pages on the left in the directory column and then they will take you to main section pages and then from those pages to individual stories found under those topic headings.

The directory of major index pages on the left should reflect the main sections web site as they develop organically.

Any changes to this main Home page or any major index page should be done with an orderly network approach by topics.

New pages and stories or articles would link off of the other major index pages and articles.

Major index pages may become introductions to whole topics that are again divided into divisional pages with links to other stories and articles. Navigation in those sections can use templates.

A navigational template would began with the major index pages followed by sub topics or even subtopics followed by articles or pages.

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We may alter that list of major index pages as we develop certain sections more than others.

We presently see:


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  • Audio/Video
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  • Agriculture
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Welfare

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