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"The owners of the means of production" DO "not rule over those who use his private means of production." The owners rule over the thing the owner produced. Every squirrel gathering nuts in the woods is a capitalist. "The most productive laborers are fully capable of working for the benefit of the less productive workers without having to be forced to do so, if they want to" in Capitalism. A commune is "a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities." Sharing is a choice in Capitalism but the choice is made by others in Communism. Cooperation does NOT require communism it requires love and that can be done in Capitalism.

from each

Whenever someone says "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs" you need to ask who decides the "from" and "to". If the individual is not at liberty to decide the "from" and "to" then he or she is subject to the rulership of the one who does decide the "from" and "to".

In communism the collective or its leaders/rulers decide the "from" and "to" not the individual. That is because ownership is in the whole not in the individual. After that you can share what is left over. In true Capitalism ownership is in the individual so therefor the individual decides. There is almost no true Capitalism in America today. Under true capitalism the money would not be note, there would be no income tax or property tax or any use tax because you would actually own the means of production.

For communism to work it requires love for one another but if you have love for one another you do not need communism. In fact you would not want communism because the individual's choice to share is in the hands of the "collective" or its rulers. Charity and sharing is a choice which the individual has in capitalism but not entirely in communism. Capitalism will eventually become totalitarianism too if you do not love one another. In fact learning to come together and care about one another is the only defense against the corruption that can occur in capitalism. This is why Jesus was an anarchist.