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People are often looking for a sign. They wont act on their own just because it makes sense or is right to do. If we fail to act the sign we may end up holding may be one you often see on the street corners.

Mike on the Oregon Group posted:

Several weeks back I came off the freeway and sat waiting for the light. There was a young man there with a sign. As I recall the sign said something like need help, have family, need money will work. He struck me as a pretty young guy, mid 20's maybe 30 with no apparent physical ailments and interestingly offering to work. I myself was working and on a road test. I sat there thinking to myself of the work I might have for this individual back at my home where we have some things going on. I thought about my inability to help this young man. My inability to strengthen the poor as it were. I couldn't just pick up a stranger and take time out of the work day already pledged to someone else, take him to my home and set him on some task unsupervised not knowing what skills he had or may have lacked. I couldn't trust that he was honest and I was unavailable to supervise him. I pondered the reality of my own servitude and how it is that I couldn't really do anything but give him some money which does not strengthen him but only makes him more dependent. Further I would expect he is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Like seeing a deer he happened to be there at that moment. Does anyone have any thoughts on this dilemma?


Gregory responded to Mike and the Oregon Group:Jan 19 05:42PM -0800

In the old days if you needed a job or help you went to church because that is where moral people helped one another. Today everyone goes to the government. Today the Church is in the feel good business and does good on the side line.

When the government fails to help you then you may end up on the corner with a sign.

This is why the gospel tells us to not forsake gathering together. If everyone on the network or better yet if everyone who said they were Christians were to gather together in a network all you would have to do is hand him a card that told him where the nearest minister of the Church was. That minister would find out quick in the network where help was needed and find out soon if he was known in the network and learn if he could be trusted.

Because everyone was used to being health education and welfare for themselves one more soul would not be a burden and if they did not have a spirit of Christ we could take them back to the corner and say have a nice day.


Soon more people would have motivation to learn the ways of Christ.

But since most professing Christians think they are saved already and do not know the gospel of the kingdom and are told all they have to do is believe they will continue to pray to the men who call themselves benefactors and do nothing to edify the ways of Christ.

Not long ago someone on the Oregon group need to hire someone. I know the word went out all over.

I am curious if someone on the network got hired.

Even if they did not this is a step in the right direction.

If all the people who get these emails would actually began to work together we could do much to prepare to help one another so that none of us end up on the corner with a sign.


We are seeking to create all kinds of possibilities to aid people willing to work but we share that with people who are willing to work at networking...

Gregory _________________________________________________________

Scott would like to add:

Most of us all struggle with the truth. The Kingdom is a government. All governments need to be financed. All governments need people to run the government. All governments provide services to the "citizens" of that government. There are a lot of similarities between the way of the Adversary (the governments/societies of the world) and The Way (the government/society of the Creator) it is these similarities that make it very easy for the adversaries of God the Creator to keep people in a strong delusion, thinking that the United States was/is a godly government, even "ordained" by God, so all we have to do is keep voting and striving and seeking to return the United States, a Godly kingdom, back to its founding as its "Founding Fathers" (gods many/lords many) designed and intended. WOW! what a powerful opiate that people cannot get past. What appears to be a "godly kingdom" is not the Kingdom of God.

Then there is the other side of the coin. The differences between the two ways, and the differences are so different, polar opposites, that the people that know that the United States is going the wrong way and think to "get out" rather than strive and seek to change it back to something it never was and cannot be since it has always been the way of the adversary, these people that strive to "get out" or try to "come out" but really can't, have no clue how to implement all the precepts of The Way that are opposite differences because they have never seen or been taught what those polar opposite differences look like, act like, etc. So people just rebel.

People are lost. So we pick up whatever we find that is different, earnestly trying to find God, this could be Sacred Name, Calendar issues, various different eschatology, doctrines and dogmas that are really not that important in The Way of things, but being lost is lost, and since many people are lost, they really don't know what to do. So they seek to find others, but they are usually lost too, but share the same 'different' eschatology, doctrines, dogmas, etc. so they don't feel alone. This is why the world has over 3000 denominations of Christianity, and splinter groups and new churches forming all the time.


The substantive repentance that God hopes and prays to see from us is not about words, dances or silly "religious" hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. This is what Pharisees do to make the outside look Godly and pious. The the real substantive repentance starts with humility, surrender and love. We must love our neighbor and his family more than we love ourselves. We must be willing to surrender and give up everything we have to set our neighbor and his family free first. But many people think that "prepping" for themselves and their family with the intention of one day sharing with a neighbor is how to love your neighbor. No! that is whitewashing vanity and greed, trying to justify your will and way and make it God's Way. This is just one example. Just about everything we have been taught by the way of the adversary to do is based on loving ourselves first and then letting that love trickle to our neighbors.

We all say we love God, and we earnestly believe that we do love God, but are we loving God for ourselves just like we store up cases and cases of peaches and tuna fish and garden seeds in our basements and cellars telling everyone that this is for our neighbors because we love our neighbors. But when asked, "So if this is done because you love your neighbor, why is it in your basement and not in your neighbor's basement?" It is the same thing. We are each "worshiping" our own image of God and not really doing what He wants us to do, because He cannot tell us what to do since we can't hear and won't listen, because what His voice is telling us to do is very different from what our own image of God is telling us to do, i.e .our godly whitewashed will. Cognitive Dissonance takes over and our will usually wins because God never screams and yells, because it is our free will choice. He never uses force, threat, duress or coercion.

We must all sacrifice to God through the trustees we each freely choose who we see as walking in the character, name, nature, spirit of God, and if you don't know what that means, read the Free Church Report. We must give God burnt sacrifices of money, property, time and labor. His Church is the government and the chosen ministers are the trustees, but we are all the servants of Christ. We all work and strive shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, independent but together bound only by pure faith (fidelity), hope, charity, which is love to BE the Kingdom of God within and under heaven wherever two or three are gathered in His character, name, nature, and spirit. Willing to die for our neighbors, sacrificing everything if need be for our neighbors to set them free first. "With a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor".


This is hard, especially since nearly all of us are bound to a husband and father that is an adversary to God the Creator, we are bound to Uncle Sam and his creditors. So we are back in Egypt. So we have to toil as Uncle Sam's employees and render unto Uncle Sam what is Uncle Sam's, but what that god and lord lets us keep for ourselves we have to be willing to show our love for God by using what is left over to care for our natural families, being righteous fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, then we give to God out of our love for God so that His Kingdom can be a fact and not just a fiction, a reality and not just an abstraction, especially the kind of fiction and abstraction that has the kingdom of God only for those that die and go to heaven preparing for the day that Uncle Sam lets God's people go to worship the Creator in the wilderness (outside/without the city-state, nation-state of Uncle Sam) The kingdom has always been at hand, in the flesh, a real, viable, government with its own jurisdiction and form of law, on earth, as it is in heaven.

Come together in free will assemblies of Elders of families to build trust, hope, faith and love for each other.

Peace, Scott in Iowa Group