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Fractal Gathering Pattern

HHC Living Network Spring Gathering: Lake of the Oaks, northeast Missouri

Hosted by: the Brent and Shannon Jarvis family, an His Church at Loess Hills CoR family, and HHC Living Network Personal Contact Minister (pcm).


April 20-22, 2012


Lake of the Oaks, Missouri
Here is a Printable Flyer with contact information and a map with instructions Media:2012Missouri.pdf
HHC Living Network Google Map

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Gathering Information

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The Lake of the Oaks Commons Area has lots of space for camping but no hook-ups, the Commons is a large field surrounding the Clubhouse. See Photos Below

If people would prefer to camp with hook-ups there are some campgrounds in the area:

Wakonda State Park

Battle of Athens State Park

R.V. Parks
City of Canton Missouri River RV Park

Hotels, Motels and Bed and Breakfasts

Comfort Inn, Canton Missouri

Welcome Inn, Kahoka, Missouri

Super 8, Keokuk, Iowa

Fairfield Inn, Keokuk, Iowa

Lake of the Oaks Facilities

The Clubhouse. As seen in some of the photos of last fall's gathering

The Lake of the Oaks clubhouse has modern restrooms, sorry no showers, a full kitchen, folding tables and chairs for inside use, a covered patio and picnic tables outside. The clubhouse has some exterior electrically outlets.

The Commons Area. As seen in some of the photos of last fall's gathering

The Lake of the Oaks commons area is the land surrounding the Clubhouse. There is a fire ring and horse shoe pits, a swing set for the kids and plenty of relatively flat ground for pitching tents.

The Lake. As seen in some of the photos of last fall's gathering

The Lake of the Oak's Lake is perfect for canoeing or kayaking, fishing or just skipping stones.

Canton, Missouri.

Grocery Store: Canton Country Market

Discussion Topics

HCLH "Power Point" slide presentation: Seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, which covers a lot of the "structure" of the Kingdom of God, how it operates as compared and contrasted to the governments of man, the way of the adversary.

Forming CoRs: the simple nuts and bolts of the Sacred Purpose Trusts

Keeping Records: who, what, where and why

Kingdom Economy: for the Church (ministers) and for the State (families)

Ideas for spreading the Good News to the four corners

ESSENTIAL OILS are referenced 500 times in the Bible. Was everyone in ancient times consumed with smelling good...or did they know something that we don't?

Homeschooling 101: The Basics

How to Build Rocket Cob Stoves/Sawdust stove & Alternative Energy

Gardening/Composting/Seed Saving

Greenhouse Basics

Screening the documentary film Indoctrination:

PROPOSED Periods of Instruction

Outdoor skills:

1.) (Open attendence: 15-30 minutes - Daily?) The Basic "Working Knots" (to include hitches, bends, etc.) - defined as knots [to include hitches, bends, etc.] which when understood as to their use and limitations (and properly employed within said use and limitations), whether individually or in combination, MUST meet the following criteria: 1.) Easily and quickly tied; 2.) Holds securely (absolutely, positively, will not let go) - except when you want it to release, then... 3.) Lets go in a snap.
Bring along a 12-18" section of "550 cord" (or equivalent), and let's learn to knot - together.

Wiki know-how:

2.) (30-60 minutes - Daily?) Wiki-up! Learn wiki-basics, like: sign-up, create and edit pages, resize and upload photos, create and upload PDFs, link to internal Preparing U pages and to external websites andor their page(s) - otherwise known as "The Wiki Waltz"...and join with us in this vital aspect of the kingdom (government of God) life - "preaching" (best translated "publishing") the kingdom (government of God) is at hand!
Bring your laptop and associated equipment (extention cords, mouses, etc.) so you can follow along and actually get your page(s) set up and items added - watching, then doing, will facilicate learning and you'll better retain what you've learned until sitting down again to do more of this.

Broadcast Co-host mechanics:

1.) If it seems good to not have all our eggs in one basket in this regard, and if Paul B. is going to be in attendence (and especially if he will still be supporting Brother Gregory), then perhaps he can demonstrate for us some behind the scenes operations, and/or some of us can sit with him during the show and watch and learn - live!?

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HHC Spring 2012 Missouri Gathering

Take a look at some of the photos from the HHC Living Network Spring 2012 Gathering in northeast Missouri April 20-22, 2012

Last Fall's Lake of the Oaks Gathering

Take a look at some of the photos from the HHC Living Network Fall Gathering in northeast Missouri hosted by the Jarvis family September 30-October 2, 2011

File:Jarvis 15.jpg File:DC pic 2.jpg File:Jarvis 11.jpg File:Jarvis 4.jpg File:Bethke Tabernacles 2011 pic 4.jpg

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