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Meaning of Meat

The word "meat" appears some 280 times in the Bible but is translated from a variety of different words in both the Greek and the Hebrew. It generally means something that is eaten or in some manner consumed.

Why are their so many references to food and provisions in the Bible? Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord". The word "hunter" is tsayid [1] commonly translated venison, hunter, victuals, provision and really means someone who obtains "provision, food, food-supply".

Israel had no Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh or Caesar to provide free bread. They had "meat offerings" the Levites in the form of freewill offerings. The early Church provided for one another through charity where ministers provided welfare in a daily ministration of hope rightly dividing the bread from house to house rather than depending on the force of men of the world who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other.

John the Baptist was clear that we take care of the people's needs through sharing, not through force. Jesus preached love and sacrifice, not covetous practices which Peter said would make us merchandise and curse children.

Unless you are taking care of all the social welfare of society through charity you are not practicing Pure Religion.

Old Testament meats

The Hebrew word ‘okel is the AlefKafLamed with the Alef symbolizing the God/Man relationship with the Kaf representing the idea "To Actualize Potential power from spiritual to a physical realm." It appears some 40 times in several forms[2]

There is ‘oklah which is AlefKafLamedHey on the Hebrew.[3]

MemTetAyinMem appears in several letter combination and has the root of TetAyinMem and is commonly translated "savory meat" or "dainty" [4]

There is the phrase "meat offering"[5] from the Hebrew letters MemNunChetHey[5] which can mean a gift, tribute, offering, present, oblation, sacrifice. It appears extensively over 211 times. The Chet ח represents the "Life Force - Dynamic nature of -cause and effect- give life and live." The MemNun Together with the Chet (your life) has to do with the fish (Nun) swimming in the flow (Mem) of your life magnified in "Thought, Speech, Action. Manifest" (Hey).

There is the word lechem LamedChetMem translated bread 237 times but also food and meat or even provisions [6]

The Hebrew term MemAlefKafLamed ^לכאמ^ appearing some thirty times includes the Mem idea of flow added to the noun or verb related to eating or consuming food or provisions. [7]

As a verb AlefKafLamed means to eat, devour or consume.[8]

BeitReishYodHey ^הירב^ biryah Appears as meat three times but can be any food.[9]

Tseydah from the word for hunter is victuals provision, food[10]

TetReishPei ^ףרט^ tereph is translated prey or meat in the sense of food.[11]

With a Persian origin, this word is believed to mean a "portion of meat" or the share due the king.[12]

New Testament meats

Trophe which means food, nourishment but often translated meat.[13]

Phago is a verb that means to eat or to devour, consume.[14]

Katakeimai meaning "to have lain down or submit.[15]

The term broma has to do with that which is eaten, food[16] is translated meat 16 times and victual once.

The Greek word brosis is also a noun that has to do with the "act of eating" or consumed which may even affect the soul as nourishment or an ailment, translated meat six times, food once and morsel but also rust twice.[17]

The term anakeimai appears some 14 times and is referencing those who sit meats or t tables where provisions are shared.[18]

Anaklino is said to mean to bid or make people sit down to eat.[19]

Sitometron is "a measured ‘portion of’ grain or ‘food’"[20]

The Greek sunanakeimai appears nine times and usually refers to the idea of sitting together as some sort of communion or feast.[21]

The word kataklino commonly means to sit or join together (at a table)[22]

The term eidolothuton appears 10 times and has to do with what people sacrifice to their idols by way of their temples which is eventually consumed by the people as some sort of benefit or welfare.[23]

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    • Tzadik is always related to The Faith of the Righteous One, the foundation of the word "to hunt" or Harvest even eat or desire.
    • ד Dalet Selflessness – Charity, back and forth or through a door or pathway, to enter like a fish,
    • ה Hey Expression--Thought, Speech, Action. Manifest seeds of thought and life.
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    1a) prey
    1b) food
    1c) leaf
    • ט Tet Introversion - The Concealed power of good or paradoxically evil
    The Tet can be about hidden good or evil which is why this word can mean food or prey.
    • ר Reish Process of Clarification The "head" or "beginning". Life's revelation.
    • פ ף Pei Communication: The Oral Torah The mouth, blow, edge.
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    • It is also a shipworm (Teredo navalis) that bores into wooden piers, ships, etc. and in (dentistry) it can mean a cavity.
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    1a) in a wider sense, corrosion
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    2a) of the soul’s food, either which refreshes the soul, or nourishes and supports it
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    1) to lean against, lean upon
    1a) to lay down
    1b) to make or bid to recline
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    2) to recline (at a table)
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    1) sacrificed to idols, the flesh left over from the heathen sacrifices
    1a) it was either eaten at the feasts or sold (by the poor and the miserly) in the market