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  • Why is the issue of Holy Matrimony vs Marriage important?
  • Why is a separation of His Church and the duties of ministers from the State important?
  • What can the gay Romanian teach us about the contractual nature of government?
  • Is the power of the state a symptom or the problem?
  • What is the problem and what is the cure?
  • How does Abraham's walk, Moses system of altars and The Way of Jesus work?
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Letters from the Network

I've read the article on Holy Matrimony vs Marriage by brother Gregory. My questions are,
If a man and woman is married by the state and not a Holy Matrimony under God, that pretty much means that if they have sex they are committing fornication, which is a sin?
Does the couple have to divorce under the state marriage and then have a Holy Matrimony under God to make it right with God?

God Bless,

First Response from author of Holy Matrimony vs Marriage

The fornication or adultery is when you invited the state into your marriage and gave them power over the relationship and the products of that relationship.

The marriage contract and union is not the real problem but a symptom of the problem. Generations ago your ancestors started making covenants with the world often to obtain benefits. This brought them into bondage.

Divorce is not a real solution and may be inappropriate if you are not addressing the real problems.

Those problems are addressed by seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Israel and early Christians were kicked out of their bondage because they started doing what God said to do from the beginning. They started caring about and for their neighbor as much as for themselves. This not only caused the Pharaoh and the Pharisees to kick them out but they were better prepared when they had to leave.

Right now if the husband dies their wife and child are more likely to be cared for by the State than by what is posing as the Church or by fellow kingdom seekers. The modern church has no daily ministration to speak of and will not if the people will not gather together in the name or character of Christ.

Everyone wants to be free but who wants to be righteous?

Brother Gregory

Steve author of "Social Security: Mark of the Beast!" responded to Tony:

Man and woman cannot be married by the state. Such "marriage" is equivalent to a gay marriage. There is no such thing as a government "marriage".

All children of licensed "marriage" are bastards. According to the received-law-of-the-land bastards are not children to any civil purpose.

See attached images. According to Black’s Law Dictionary a Marriage License is only for those “persons who intend to intermarry”

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Licensed inter-Marriage is “a reciprocal engagement by which each of the parties “marries” the other.” They (the lawyers) put “marries” in quotes because it is not a marriage.

Divorce courts exist for a purpose. The purpose is to declare invalid marriages to be void from the beginning. If licensed "marriage" ever gets to a divorce court, then it will be declared invalid from the beginning. Divorce never cancels a marriage. It declares that it never existed.

Divorce in the Bible never cancels a marriage either. Divorce in the Bible refers to living separately.

If a VALID marriage gets to a divorce court, it will be upheld. Two examples:

1. Image attached. An 1873 law encyclopedia about marriage law contrasts a divorceable marriage with “a regular marriage”. Proof of a church wedding “would stop the case”. (Theophilus Parsons, Law of Contracts, Boston, Little, Brown & Co., Sixth Edition, 1873, Volume III, page 85 (indexed as page 80) )

2. Shelford's 1841 textbook Treatise of the Law of Marriage (A Practical Treatise of The Law of Marriage and Divorce by Leonard Shelford, Littell Publishers, Philadelphia, 1841 ) mentions, on page 331 that the first wife can divorce her husband's second marriage:

"If a man has solemnized matrimony with one, and afterwards marries another, if the lawful wife desires to be restored to her husband, she may institute a suit in a cause of divorce from the tie of the second marriage, and of restitution of conjugal rights.

If you need more information, email me.


Terry Responded to Steve

It *seems* like terms and authority references are being confused and intermingled.

Black’s Law Dictionary is a secondary authority.

It would seem that one primary authority, for the conclusions drawn, should be declared. Is it a civil statute? Natural Law? Mosaic Law? Can we intermingle terms and concepts from “primary" authorities?

Does Black’s Law Dictionary have a place as a secondary authority used to interpret God’s Law, Natural Law or civil laws only?

I’m very interested in this conversation and here to learn, I don’t know everything and am saying “it seems".

Peace, Terry

Terry you are on the right track.

"Words are the signs of ideas."

Context will often determine which definition of a word to use or apply. But context is not merely the phrase or sentence in which a term appears but the venue and jurisdiction and even the time in which appears.

The venue and jurisdiction may be altered by the status of the participants. People sold into bondage by their parents may not have the capacity to enter into Holy Matrimony except in spirit.

Originally marriage was the act of giving someone into the union of marriage. In science marriage is "a combination or mixture of two or more elements."

States define marriage for their purposes in a variety of different places in ore than one way.

When I wrote the "Covenants of the gods" I was merely showing people how they became entangled again in the yoke of bondage. The way out is to repent, think a different way, and seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness in all things and everything else will be provided.

If you love your wife or husband, marry in the Church regardless of other union. Teach your children the true history of the kingdom and The Ways of God. Gather together in congregations networked together for the purposes of charity and hope. Sacrifice and serve one another, forgive your parents, your neighbors, your enemies including the state and forgive yourself.

Brother Gregory

Terry responds from his phone

So, the direct answer to Tony’s question might be: Holy Matrimony is more than having a “marriage” outside of the civil system. It requires preparation, acceptance of responsibility and forgiveness. Work that could take more than generation to accomplish.

Does rejecting the civil system have value if we haven’t laid the foundation for God’s system, if we are not pursuing and striving for God’s Kingdom?


Without setting our first priority to seek of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness through the daily ministration of Pure Religion according to the Doctrines of Jesus any attempt to overthrow, deny or abandon the civil marriage or any social contract in which we may find ourselves bound or snared is likely to be unfruitful.

The first instruction of His doctrine to Seek the Kingdom of God is a "process" that is prefaced by repentance. To repent is to change one's mind or in truth allow ones mind to be changed by the Holy Spirit.

Again the purpose of the book "Covenants of the gods", and therefore the Chapter on Marriage, was to show us how blind we have been. We were blinded by the idea that we can figure out what is "good and evil" and solve the problem with our own intellect and actions. That is eating of the tree of knowledge.

Rejecting the civil system before we have truly repented may cause us to sink deeper into the mire of our own pride. We cannot ave ourselves, and certainly not by freeing ourselves first.

The prodigal son came back to be a servant in his fathers house. The apostles made themselves servants. Even Jesus was one who came to serve. Jesus did not come to curse the system of men. Such systems are their own curse. Jesus came that we might be saved because He cared. If we are to come in His Name we must come together with that same purpose and care for others.

We need to think differently and follow The Way of Christ. That means you have to care about the liberty of others as much if not more than your own. You cannot do that without gathering together in daily sacrifice and communion which is the Eucharist of Christ and the Corban of righteousness.

Brother Gregory

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