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Ministers of each Congregations

In the living Network we have Ministers of each Congregations who are learning to work together as a team. They share information and help learn in an on the job training as kingdom workers. They have a call every week where they can ask questions, share experiences and touch base about what is happening with them as they serve and seek the Kingdom of God or what they are working towards.

The conference this week ranged over a variety of topics in a constructive way. The bonds these men form strengthens the whole Network.

From other groups:

Someone on the His Church in California group liked this weeks broadcasts on the truth about all forms of Cancer.

They stated "The radio shows/audio on Cancer have been outstanding and I am very appreciative of the information. Thank you Gregory for making this available."

And then he encouraged everyone to learn some emergency skills like CPR.

Of course there are many people working so that we can make these shows and websites and services available to all. I have already edited those shows and uploaded them to other ministers who will eventually post them on the HisHolyChurch Facebook

If we are seeking the kingdom every congregation should be becoming the Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary FEMA) so that they will be better capable of serving one another in bad or hard times.

If Religion is what you do and not merely what you think... Instead of arguing or dividing each other with theologies we should be gathering in the love of Christ by loving one another as he loved us and forgiving those who do not.

On HisHolyChurch FacebookThe following was added to

Someone asked about 2 Kings 4:42 which reads "And there came a man from Baalshalisha, and brought the man of God bread of the firstfruits, twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give unto the people, that they may eat."

Most people today have a B-movie view of the Old Testament because their interpretation of the script follows the scholarship of the Jews who did not interpret the text correctly in the time of Christ. Much of Judaism was already in Apostasy which is why they did not recognize Christ. There were Jewish groups that had a completely different view of much of the Old Testament that was vastly different than many modern Christians believe the text is saying.

I have not done a detail study of this chapter in Kings in writing but what comes off the top of my head.

  • "Baal shalisha" is probably not a name of an individual but the people of a place in the area of the tribe of Ephraim from which men offered help.
    • Someone or a group of people from that area were evidently sending emergency relief and support that was collected in righteousness.
  • First fruits suggests this came by way of the Levites and was donated to them by the people as freewill offerings.
  • The word husk suggests righteousness but the word only appears here in the Bible.
  • The word corn means the fruit of the fields which was grain and many other things from orchards etc..
  • The "twenty barley loaves" means the Levites may have given a larger share from their own reserves previously donated at a feast.

Other food that is mentioned in earlier verses was not acceptable?? At this point in history it may be because of the same reason the Corban of the Pharisees was not acceptable to Christ. We should remember that Israel was a different kind of government before the kings. The election of central rulers like kings or Emperors was a rejected the ways of God as we see in 1 Samuel 8 and therefore the way of Christ.

I recommend one of our articles on Corban. http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Corban

The Curse and the Cure

Joining a congregation has nothing to do with going to a building.
The church is not a building.
Gathering for the purpose of Christ does not mean meeting in someone's house or singing or hugging or fellowship.
You may do all those things BUT
Seeking the kingdom is about doing what you can to love one another as Christ loved us.
Christ loved Romans and Samaritans, beggars and thieves who all repented, were willing to change.
This is why early Christian networked together so that they could love and serve one another.
This is why Greeks and gentiles became a part of that network.
Not to ware prayer cloths and be saved by the laws of rituals or argue over theologies.
We all have baggage from our past, failed marriages, anger issues, unforgiveness and we can blame them on or parents, our governments, our luck or we can look at our personal choices and failings.
Those that do not strive today to come together in love and forgiveness, service and truth will remain under the "curse" of their parents and their selfish and Covetous Practices.
It is covetousness that curses the children of our parents and our own children and our relationships with others and our world.
If we are to repent in truth we would see the way and walk and God will lift the Curse.
If we do not change our ways to the will of the Father but continue in our own will then the curse will not be lifted but increase.
Why should we Congregate?

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