Legal matrimony contracts

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Legal matrimony contracts

Is making covenants with and kneeling before gods many a sin?

In an argument on Facebook about same sex marriage and the need for a State marriage license, someone had pointed out that there should be no need for the State's permission. While sympathetic, some said "but a 'legal' marriage comes with many benefits. Being able to see your dying spouse in the hospital, inheritance, child care, etc.." I understand his sentiment, but the realities we face are a little different.

A Natural Law union of man and woman as Husband and Wife was a two-party contract but a marriage license with the state is a three-party contract. The State has the power over that contract. It is literally a prenuptial agreement with the state.

If you want to visit your natural spouse in the hospital, simply write up a medical rights contract or include it in your private marital contract and you will have that right.

The same is true for inheritance. You write a will with witnesses and keep it up to date.

It is about taking responsibility. If you will not take the responsibility you will lose your correlative rights.

Most of the other benefits you get with a legal marriage are provided at the expense of your neighbor through Covetous Practices and you should not be coveting them anyway.

Those who seek what may be called Holy Matrimony still have a valid marriage even if they choose not to get a State Marriage License. They can get one if they want but they should understand everything about that Marriage license.

Of course, with no body politic to help settle disputes or issues that arise with the family, you have what the ancients called a limping marriage. The phrase body politic is a metaphor for a corporate body. The early Church as the Body of Christ living in the world but not of it was in fact a unique body politic in its own right. The Body of Christ provided may of the benefits of modern progressive social schemes without exercising authority over the people by force. They depend on love in a network of Fervent Charity.

That is why a well-connected network of congregations is helpful. It is from those congregants that you will choose a jury of your peers to settle issues of confusion or the Weightier matters.

If you do not have that in place your only other choice will be the legal system of the world.

If everyone were gathering in congregations of record they could be helping one another learn to write those mutual agreements which will protect the family and allow them to function "in the world but not of it" without losing your rights.

All roads lead to Rome and all Roads lead to the Kingdom of God. The difference is the direction you choose.

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