How to Survive Hospital Costs

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How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance


Chapter 1: The Basics

Chapter 2: The Reception Desk

Chapter 3: Contracts Make the Law

Chapter 4: Understanding Admission Forms

Chapter 5: Contracts You Can Live With

Chapter 6: Discounting Existing Bills

Chapter 7: Stopping the Phone Calls

Chapter 8: Records

Chapter 9: Responding to the Bill

Chapter 10: Hospital's Responses

Chapter 11: Tightening the Noose
How to deal with hospitals that refuse to live up to their contact.

Chapter 12: Collection Agencies Run Like Frightened Puppies
Learn the hows and whys of collection agencies. Turning the tables on these guys is going to be fun.

Chapter 13: Summary
You've almost graduated from Gregory Allan's school of financial healthcare defense. This chapter summarizes what you've learned, and offers a few additional helpful hints.

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