His Church and His Congregations Q and A

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His Church and His Congregations Q and A

Question: How does that kingdom relate to His Holy Church?

The Church in its most general sense is the Kingdom of God on earth. It consists of every man and women in their respective Families, freely congregating. And it includes several kinds of Minister and their families in a network of service. Each family and family member is an altar of clay serving the community while the ministers are living stones that minister to the whole community including widows and orphans and families and communities with special needs. The Ordained Ministers act as a representative body for the people in free congregations.

Question: What was the role or purpose of the Church?

Answer: The Church has many duties and function including proclaiming the kingdom. They are to maintain an entrance to the kingdom and facilitate the choice of seeking the kingdom as free souls under God. If the Church does its job the people will have an alternative to going under authoritarian benefactors like Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh, Caesar and more modern rulers who exercise authority but call themselves benefactors.

Question: How does Church relate to us in our lives and in God’s plan for us?

Answer: God has always wanted us to be free souls under Him alone. He took us out of Egypt and told us to never go back. He provided us a redeeming King who appointed men to keep us free in the world but not of it. This plan has not changed. To be free under God we must be responsible, charitable and active souls according to His ways.

Question: What is this thing called the Church?

Answer: “In its most general sense it is the religious society founded and established by Jesus Christ, to receive, preserve, and propagate His doctrines and ordinances.”

Question: Is the Church incorporated?

Answer: The Church is the “body” or “corpus” of Christ by his appointment only. It is “A body or community of Christians, united under one form of government by the profession of one faith, and the observance of the same rituals and ceremonies.”257

Question: What does observance of the same rituals and ceremonies mean?

Answer: All governments have rituals and ceremonies. The Church is no different except in a few important distinctions. As an example, in the recording of marriage the governments of the ‘world’ also establishes an exercising authority over the married couple. The Church also recognizes and records marriages but only to establish that no one has an exercising authority over the Family unit. In order to notice this difference the Church uses outward signs, consistent rituals and ceremonies, to mark a distinction from those who wish to live in the world but not of it and those who want to live of the world coveting its benefits and going under its authority. [See Article 7 of the Polity.]

Question: What is a congregation?

Answer: A congregation is an non incorporated fellowship of men both free and bond that look to the servant Church appointed by Christ to assist them in their search for the kingdom and its righteousness as an alternative to the authoritarian and subjugating systems of the world. It is not an association but a free assembly.

Question: How many people are needed to make a congregation?

Answer: A congregation is at least two or more people or families and one representative minister. The ideal size of a congregation is ten families.

Question: What does a congregation do?

Answer: The people in congregation are the government and the ministers are their public servants. The homes or tabernacles of the congregation rely on the good and freewill charity of their congregation to supply them with all the social assurance. In thanksgiving they are there for for each other to fulfill the needs and relieve the afflictions that life often brings. This is pure religion.

Question: What do the Ministers do?

Answer: They, like any other public servant of other governments, are in charge of the health, education, and welfare of the people in community. They are the titular and representative government of Christ teaching and facilitating His ways of righteousness. They also manage the assets, freely receiving and freely distributing to “feed” the people, and they manage the reserve assets in the form of tangible properties, both real and personal, held in trust, both for the long term and immediate needs of the congregation.

Question: How do we live in the “world” but not of it?

Answer: By learning not to depend upon the subjugating systems of the world, but instead we must look to the freewill offerings of our neighbors in faith, hope and charity in obedience to Christ in free congregations under God’s perfect law of liberty.

Question: What form of government is the Church?

Answer: The Church is not like other nations which “exercise authority” but remains in service “of the people, for the people and by the people”258 by the appointed authority of the Messiah and the faith of the people in Him. The Kingdom of God is a pure republic under God the Father with His ministers as its titular leaders.

Question: Who is a member of the Church?

Answer: There is the Church in general and specific. There are those individuals and families assembled in free congregations who are the Church general and members of the Church ministries and orders. Those ministries may be licensed by the people or commissioned by the ministers of the Church.

Question: What must I do to become a part of a congregation?

Answer: Repent and be baptized. Water baptism is a ceremony where we express our intent, prayer, or vow, to seek the Kingdom of God in all things and the righteousness of God in an ongoing spiritual baptism of forgiving and thanksgiving. A congregation is a free assembly seeking the kingdom as a community of believers.

Question: Is the Church a trust?

Answer: The ministry of the Church is appointed by Christ with an obligation to serve His kingdom and it may also receive contributions of the people for His purpose in a sacred trust.


  • 257Black’s Law Dictionary 3rd ed. Page 325. also 4th, 5th 6th Ed.

  • 258The introduction to John Wycliffe’s translation of the Bible in 1382.

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