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Preparing You is dedicated to helping people prepare for life by helping each other develop the skills, knowledge and community necessary for a healthy and prospering society.

Preparing You is a community consisting of a Living Network and an expanding faculty dependent on the individuals willingness and ability to contribute.

  • Open a personal Wiki editor user account...

You will need to be a part of the Living Network.
You will need to have chosen an active PCM.
They will help you set up an account or get you in contact with a WikiWizard.

  1. Step One:
    1. Get an existing Editor to help you Set up your account. [1] Locating an Editor[1]
  2. Step two:
    1. Set your preferences and save.
    2. Click on a link or subtopic in the sidebar of your choice:
      1. As an example click a sidebar link like "Health".
      2. When the "Health" page loads go to "edit" mode by clicking the "edit" file tab at the top.
      3. If the edit tab is not visible either you are not logged in or this page will require a higher level membership. Contact the webmaster at or your local PCM on the Living Network. Then as an editor you should join our wiki editor group.
  3. Step three
    1. Name the page
      1. Type, in the web page name you wish to create, "How to make WHATEVER".
      2. Use names that help keep pages together. How to Makecould all begin with those words. Pages on health could begins with the word Health or other topics could be Tour, Events, or Congregation and then followed by additional letters or words to designate more specifically what the page is about. This way pages will be grouped on the list all pages page. Special:Allpages
      3. Then block in WHATEVER with your mouse and click the "internal link" [Ab] tab icon above while in edit mode.
      4. Then save the file by pressing the "save page" button below.
      5. When you return to the page in view mode you should be able to click on the new link WHATEVER and it will create the new page for you to edit.
  4. Step four
    1. Making the page look good
      1. There are samples of numerous editing marks at Testpage and at Wiki Editing or at an external link[2]
      2. Put in the title of the page and block it in with your mouse and press the Level Two Headline tab above [A].
      3. Type or paste in the information you want on the page. Double carriage return is required to divide paragraphs.
      4. Hit the "save page" button when you are done.
      5. If you see a mistake in the page or do not like what you have created or added you can go back to edit mode anytime.
  5. Step five, six and seven...
    1. Practice, practice, practice....

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== Footnotes ==
  1. The linked page use to work if you were not an editor logged in but settings have changed. only an existing editor can help set up your account. He will need a unused user name and your email and a password to set up the account. Contact your PCM on the Network.