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Darwin Fish claims

We do not wish to condemn Darwin Fish or what he calls a true church. We would rather people pray for him, his followers and people like him. There is a list[1] of people that believe he is a part of a cult. But everyone should study and understand for themselves what a cult is and the signs of a cult and how they work.

Some people like to hate almost everyone. They are so full of self-righteousness that they imagine no one measures up to their standards. Darwin Fish makes many claims that they are a true church and they certainly love to argue their positions. He seems to worship the conflict and the confusion and "tumult" his doctrines create. That is what we see in the videos online. Having never met the man nor spoken with him we may only report what we do see of his works.

Darwin Fish has spent a lot of time and energy condemning a long list of groups and individuals.[2] and short list[3] of people and organizations[4] Evidently Brother Gregory and His Holy Church has been added to that list.

There is a long list of groups and individuals who also condemn or at least criticize Darwin Fish and his group at "atruechurch.com", even accusing them of being a cult. We include a short list here.[5]

Dark debates

"And God saw the light, that [it was] good: and God divided the light from the darkness." Genesis 1:4

So some will say God created darkness but what is darkness?

Darkness does not exist but is merely where light is not shining. Darkness is nothing and therefore it is merely the absence of light and death is merely the absence of life, and evil is the absence of good, and a lie is the absence of truth. People choose to let the light in or they turn away from the light, flee the light then by that choice they shall dwell in darkness. This denial of light and truth is usually because of pride and ego.

Often the call to debate is a call to the ego and pride.

We are saved by faith and grace but we should manifest the works of that faith which is given by the Holy Spirit. There are detailed lists of those who will Not_inherit_the_kingdom and many warnings in the new covenant about being deceived, believing lies, strong delusions and being workers of iniquity that believed they are saved but are not. There would be no need for warnings if there was no choice to make or danger of being in error.

Peter, Paul, James, and John Warned

Peter[6], Paul[7], James[8] and John[9]all 'warned the New Covenant Church that what they were doing and not doing would reveal the truth of their claim to faith in God and His Holy Spirit. Paul warned people to test their faith[10] to make sure they were not deceived or reprobates[11].

Even John warns that we need to walk according to what Jesus showed us and confess our sins if we are to be cleansed of unrighteousness.[12] John even gives the keeping of the commandments as the rod by which we measure the truth of our faith.[13] And those who do not keep the commandments are a liar and Christ is not in them.[14] Over and over John repeats that he that "doeth not righteousness" is not born again of Christ and the Father.[15] And John warns us that we may not only be deceived but may deceive ourselves [16] warning us of the many false teachers who are "out in the world".[17]

The Bible from the beginning warns[18] and continues those warnings throughout the New Testament that many will be decieved thinking they are believers while in truth they are workers of iniquity.[19] Because these warnings are ignored by the modern Church, the welfare of a foolish[20] society has become a snare.

  • “It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.”[21]

From the beginning, men have chosen to eat of one of two trees. There is certainly choice but there is some question where and when that choice is made. Once man makes that choice all other imagined choices are the result of that original choice. Once a path is chosen your destination is predestined by the original choice which continues in time.

Repentance is a changing of the mind by turning toward the light which comes into us as we continue to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. That light will also reveal our own sin which we have denied since the garden.

Certainly, many Churches are in Apostasy and it is reasonable to seek the truth concerning the doctrines of Jesus. This may bring some debate about what is true and what is false. Ultimately it is the revelation of the spirit that tells us what is true but if we make a home in us for that which is evil an dark, void of the light, then that spirit of evil will guide us. This is why James tells us that by our works we will be known.

Certainly, we are also warned about debate.[22]

On the HHC Network

After reading Darwin Fish's diatribe about what we share concerning the Gospel of the Kingdom someone said: "when one joins any religion they build themselves a box".

But this is only true when they define religion as "What they think about God." Religion is not what you Join but what you do. But we know that modern definition has changed from what religion use to mean "the pious performance of your duty to God and your fellow man". And then there is pure religion which is fulfilling that duty without the "world" because the world operates by force and not by love.

The first religion mentioned is founded in ego and ideology which is worshiped and defended. Their doctrine became more important than the truth. It becomes their truth. Their doctrine is the fruit of the tree of knowledge and their defense of it leads to conflict, division, and wars. It leads to all forms of vanity and pride and self-service.

When people write about religion being the cause of war and destruction, it is this false religion of vanity and pride, void of humility and service, that they are referencing which is all to common.

The second definition of religion mentioned above is not something you join but that duty performed. You may participate with or walk with others in pursuit of that performance of service but gathering to serve one another in love is a key to the kingdom.

Christ came to serve. He did not come to make you feel good. We do not come together to make each other feel good but to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

People can join an email network but you do not really join the His Church. We want people to let Christ into their hearts and minds and walk in The Way with Him. We know that if you do that what will eventually result from that path of righteousness will look like a kingdom of righteousness operating in faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty. That should look like the early Church.

Anyone not preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and helping people come together to seek that kingdom and the righteousness of God certainly would not be His Holy Church.

Darwin Fish audio

We do not want to debate Mr. Fish. He is not very good at reading things and understanding what they mean or what the author is saying but that may not be his goal. We have rebutted Mr. Fish's webpage accusations with 7 hours of information. We are not doing this to argue but to help him and others who may be misled by these debaters who love tumult.

First hour in series. Bro. Gregory addresses Darwin Fish's atruechurch.info website criticisms. What does the Apostle Paul say about backbiting and how we are supposed to handle situations of disagreement? Making men gods. Gods and gods many.


Second hour examining the criticisms of Darwin Fish concerning:
The right to choose. What world? Hermeneutics. Romans 13. The issue of paying taxes and/or tribute.


Third hour Bro.Gregory continues addressing Darwin Fish's criticisms:
Are Christians idiots? What are temples like Ephesus? Voice of the people reject God and elect rulers and judges. Where is your daily ministration?


Fourth hour addressing more Darwin Fish's criticisms:
Studying the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew languages. Submission, does God want us to be subjects of other men? Titus 3:1. A look at the Greek grammar and its bearing on our interpretation.


Fifth hour of series. Fish responds, “I never knew you.” Rebellion. Pure religion. Jurisdiction of the world and the table that snares.


Sixth hour in the Darwin Fish series. The mark of the beast; a badge or mark of servitude, known as a charagma in the Greek. The word “torment” appears in the New Testament, but is understood better by an examination of the Greek word behind it, meaning “to test”.


Seventh hour in the Darwin Fish series. The variety of interpretation for a single Hebrew wordand other sources of sophistry.


If anyone wants to contact Darwin this was his address:

9783 Hwy 82A Box 130, Moodys, OK 74444,
Phone: 1-800-HOW-TRUE feedback@atruechurch.info

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