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Shift Change Trailer from

Discussion of several companies, including Gore-Tex and Visa, that have been built with a decentralized structure.


Opportunity Farms - Provides the ‘opportunity’ for our homeless neighbors in need to regroup and retrieve their life of self-sufficiency through the manufacturing of baked goods made from locally sourced ingredients.

JOB Manufacturing - A system of "manufacturing transition campuses" where employees receive an 'Efficiency Home' of their own, eat in a fully staffed restaurant, have access to day or night child care and minimal wages and stay competitive with low cost labor in other countries. Designed for people, regardless of their life circumstances, whether they be Ex-Offenders, At Risk Youth, Veterans, Homeless, Aged Out Foster Children, Refugees, Immigrants, the Underemployed, the Physically or Emotionally Adaptive, Recovering Substance Abusers, Victims of Domestic Violence and literally anyone, who is looking for or in need of an opportunity to change the course of their lives.