A New Year For A New Society

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A very poignant prayer from HHC Australia Living Network PCM and Trustee, Mark Vernuccio:

A New Year For A New Society

There are many people who are beginning to realise that there is no use trying to restore a society that depends on a government structure that is fundamentally flawed even in its ideal “democratic” or “republican” state, with a financial system based on a currency that is designed to continually rob them of their savings and plunge the nation into debt. Not only are people beginning to see that it is not necessarily the most popular person that should be their ruler but that even if the most able man was in charge, the model of coercive taxation used to run government and “serve the people” is really a scheme for theft and is a violation of rights according to the natural law of man’s freedom of choice.

Freedom To Choose

The extent of the freedom of a man has been expressed by some as “where their rights end and another’s begin”. It is only when you freely choose to do the right thing do you not infringe of the right of others even if it is not immediately manifest as there is a quantum-like effect, and the whole of mankind suffers when even one man does any wrong thing. So when a whole society does such a collective wrong as taking away each others’ freedom of choice by their subscription to a system that ultimately forces taxation at the point of a gun and by the expansion of the money supply, the effect of the loss of freedom and liberty is much more apparent. Even though some level of liberty is afforded by forcefully requiring tax for the benefit of the many, a higher liberty is forfeited by doing so in this error and the ability for man to transcend to his full societal potential is relinquished. We see that mankind is actually holding up his progression and the natural plan of creation by this act alone, so we are stimulated to seek the solution, while God waits.

The Wait Can Be Over

At this point I must qualify that although a new society is needed it would only be new in the sense that it would exist to you in the present where it does not yet right now. The idea for this new society was conceived before you walked the earth and holds the master key for the liberty of humankind, in that it demonstrates the purest logical organisation of society designed to afford maximum liberty from and for your fellow man. Love for your fellow man can only really begin when you set him free from yourself, and he is not free when he is required by you to spill his blood through a system of forced taxation by an agency of government that you support by your acquiescence and that you draw benefit from. For a new and proper society to form you must conform to an idea that was conceived outside of space and time itself and resides in a spiritual realm where it is no secret – a place where its understanding can be accessed by all men everywhere if they would only tune in.

Tune In

Unlike the governments of the world the foundation for a new and right society must have its basis in a system of giving to ministers you personally recognise as servants and that are elected by voting on a regular and consistent basis, by giving to them a portion of your energy, or the fruits of your labour if you will. The amount you give (unlike in the system of the world) is wholly determined by you. This way the power and choice always remains with you. You are led only by the desire for your right to liberty and that right of your fellow man. Instead of being forced to contribute to a system that takes away your rights by the exercising of force, you contribute to a system that ensures by design, the opportunity of the responsibility for every man involved to exercise their rights and give freely.

The Secret To Living Is Giving

A new and right society would have its foundation based in supporting one another via these ministers that are chosen and who are networked in a decentralised, fractal structure, the common denominator being a policy of free will, the bedrock and the common cause being a Spirit of Truth. The ministers who are like stones that make up the pillars of this new society would be required only to be supremely virtuous and naturally law abiding and in effect powerless but for the power that the ones that hold the power (the contributors to the society) give them. We have heard that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, which is true, but if power stays in the hand of everyman because of a system that ensures his freedom of choice (no forced tax) there is no chance for someone to be given enough power over an extended period or in an administrative office to absolutely corrupt them. If there is any corruption apparent funds may be immediately cut as there is no tenure of office and all power is gone as there is no extractive force. Only in such a charitable society would an individual have any real hope of the opportunity to break away from the system that binds him and be faithfully supported as needs such as health, education and welfare arose.

A Bigger Idea

Most of us have seen the video clip of U.S President George Bush Sr. tell us that “it is a big idea, a new, world order”, and yes, that is a fairly big idea. But it is now time to see an idea so big that is not only the antithesis of that “big” idea, but is indeed the very salvation from it and all other ideas of man that have brought us into this predicament of bondage to one another and ultimately to a spirit of fear and destruction.

I appeal to you to seek this new way, or go, and continue to wallow in the mud that is humankind in its present state where you will be hard-pressed to find anyone that cares enough about you to give you one of their coats when times get tough even when they have two!

Come to see and help build this new society, where the rule of law is love and the way to live gives life...

His Holy Church Living Network, a fractal plan of nature



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