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Do you understand?
There are many people on these networks.

We know that words have had many definitions over time and amongst different people. We know Christ preached a way.

We should also know that if all the people thinking they are Christians were following The Way we and the world would not be in the present state and condition.

These email groups have a purpose.

It is to help people follow the way of Christ which was what Moses was really teaching and what Abraham was really doing.

It was a real plan with a real purpose which has a value to the individual and to society.

It is about learning to stand alone together.

Does everyone understand what Abraham was doing when he set up those Altars?

Why some of them were earth and some of them were Stones?

Do you all know what was wrong with the Corban of the Pharisees?

And do you know what the Corbanus of Christ was?

These groups were constructed to allow you to form congregations of record CORE connecting you with others all over the nation and world.


When thousands of Christians were kicked out of Rome they had a place to go because they had taken the time to create a network like Israel had been and the altars that Abraham had established.

When thousands fled Jerusalem at its destruction they all had a place to go because they were a part of a networking kingdom of people who voluntarily gathered like Moses and Abraham and Christ and the apostles said.

Do you know what they were doing? How they were doing it?

And why it saved them during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?

Every group needs contact people we call Personal Contact Ministers (PCMs).

They are connected to each other on another group.

The ministers of record are also connected separately and share information with their congregants.

If you have not picked a PCMor your group does not have one who is helping the whole group you are all missing out and will miss much more than I can say.

But it is up to you to organize yourselves.

Ask on your local group.

Even volunteer yourself.

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