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1525 ~εἰσέρχομαι~ eiserchomai \@ice-er’-khom-ahee\@ from 1519 and 2064; TDNT-2:676,257; {See TDNT 259} v AV-enter 107, go 22, come in 19, go in 18, enter in 17, come 14, arise 1; 198

1) to go out or come in: to enter
1a) of men or animals, as into a house or a city
1b) of Satan taking possession of the body of a person
1c) of things: as food, that enters into the eater’s mouth
2) metaph.
2a) of entrance into any condition, state of things, society, employment
2a1) to arise, come into existence, begin to be
2a2) of men, to come before the public
2a3) to come into life
2b) of thoughts that come into the mind